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RP Mystic’s Samhain Gift Guide

The countdown to Samhain is our most favorite time of the year! We’ve rounded up some of our most wonderfully haunting books, decks, journals, puzzles, and more to help you bring Spooky Season vibes into your practice.

Plus! Help your new Coven members get ready for Samhain, the Wheel of the Year sabbat which marks the witchy new year, with “A New Witch’s Guide to Samhain” by Nikki Van De Car.

Spellbinding Reads

Photo of "Gentle Chaos" standing among floral decor

From the wild imagination of Tyler Gaca, also known as TikTok’s @ghosthoney, comes Gentle Chaos: Poems, Tales, and Magic, a beautiful compendium of poems, images, personal stories, and vignettes that explore magic, queerness, Tyler’s unique story, and the enchantment and comfort to be found in the weird, the dark, and the different.

Photo of "Shadow Magic" laid above starry background decor

From the bestselling author of Practical Magic Nikki Van De Car comes Shadow Magic: Unlocking the Whole Witch Within, an expansive, beautiful primer on cultivating your own innate power, magic, and strength through shadow work—the mystical art of engaging with your deepest internal self.

Photo of "Take Back the Magic" laid next to a boudquet of flowers against a dark floral background

Take Back the Magic: Conversations with the Unseen World by spiritual teacher and co-founder of The Way of the Rose Perdita Finn weaves together memoir, history, and a spirituality based in ecology to teach readers the art and healing power of connecting with the dead through the magical process of conversing with the unseen world.

Photo of "How to Study Magic" standing against a dark starry backdrop

Focusing on five magical pathways (Chaos Magic, Spell Books & Grimoires, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism), How to Study Magic: A Guide to History, Lore, and Building Your Own Practice by experienced witch Sarah Lyons gives readers an insider’s perspective on how to craft their own personalized practice.

Bewitching Hobbies

Cover of "Enchanted Cross-Stitch"

Put the craft in witchcraft and infuse some magic into your stitching with Enchanted Cross-Stitch: 34 Mystical Patterns for the Modern Stitch Witch. This beautiful book from Grace Isobel, the creator of Innocent Bones Cross-Stitch, features 34 original cross-stitch patterns featuring crystals, tarot, astrology, and more.

Photo of "Enchanted Foraging" standing among mushrooms and other natural decor

Embark on your foraging journey with Enchanted Foraging: Wildcrafting for Herbal Remedies, Rituals, and a Magical Life by Nettles and Bees founder Ebony Gheorghe. With chapters divided by season, you’ll find tips for foraging correctly, mindfully, and sustainably; recipes for herbal remedies; and wildcrafts for rituals that usher in the new season.

Photo of "Everyday Magic" standing against a dark starry backdrop

Create your own enchanted reference filled with the knowledge that’s important to you with Everyday Magic: A Perpetual Journal for Spiritual Seekers from bestselling author Maia Toll. Inside you’ll find sections divided by Intentions, Astrology, Tarot, Healing Systems, Plant-Based Magic, Rituals, Dreams, Divination Systems, and more.

Product image of "Palmistry 500-Piece Puzzle" box, mini book, and almost-complete puzzle

Explore the secrets of palmistry with the Palmistry 500-Piece Puzzle. All of the hand’s major lines (the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the line of fate or destiny) and mounts (of Apollo, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) are represented on this stunning puzzle image.

Charming Decks

Photo of "Gentle Chaos Pocket Oracle Deck" standing among floral decor with a soft pink backlight

Seek out a burst of creativity or divination anywhere with the Gentle Chaos Pocket Oracle Deck. The images and messages on these 49 miniature cards are infused with the unparalleled playfulness and mystique that @ghosthoney brings to everything he creates, inviting wonderful weirdness into any occasion.

Photo of "The Coloring Tarot" box and guidebook laid above cards from the deck

The Coloring Tarot: A Deck and Guidebook to Color and Create by Sarah Lyons and illustrated by Harriet Lee-Merrion is a complete deck of 78 tarot cards, gorgeously illustrated in simple yet rich original line art that evokes the classic Rider-Waite-Smith designs, all ready for you to color in, customize, and bring to life.

Photo of "The Practical Witch's Spell Deck" standing among mushrooms and natural decor

The Practical Witch’s Spell Deck: 100 Spells for Love, Happiness, and Success by Cerridwen Greenleaf is a must-have for spell-casters of all levels and anyone with a penchant for the magical. This charming mini deck includes 100 spells for love, joy, prosperity, healing, and more, plus a 48-page mini guide to spells and magic.

Photo of the Oracle of Pluto deck box and guidebook above a starry background

Get in touch with your deepest self through the process of shadow work with Oracle of Pluto: A 55-Card Exploration of the Undiscovered Self, a vibrantly illustrated oracle deck and guidebook set from Graveyard Roses founder Aubrey Houdeshell and artist Rose Ides. Includes 55 oracle cards and a 112-page guidebook in a magnetic closure case.

For Young Witches

Photo of "The Junior Astrologer's Oracle Deck and Guidebook" laid above cards from the deck

Adapted from The Junior Tarot Reader’s Handbook by Nikki Van De Car, The Junior Tarot Reader’s Deck and Guidebook: 78 Cards for Budding Mystics includes a 78-card deck showcasing Uta Krogmann’s gorgeous artwork, in which she took special care to keep imagery inclusive so that any reader can see themselves reflected. Also includes a 96-page companion booklet in a magnetic closure case. 

Photo of "The Junior Tarot Reader's Deck and Guidebook" laid above cards from the deck

Adapted from The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook by Nikki Van De Car, The Junior Astrologer’s Oracle Deck and Guidebook: 44 Cards for Budding Mystics is the perfect tool for young mystics looking to harness the energies of the cosmos as they figure out the role astrology plays in their every day life. Includes 44 oracle cards and a 96-page booklet in a magnetic closure case.