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Prosperity Mantras

Modern Affirmations for Abundance

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By Destiny Taylor

Illustrated by Cat Willett

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An accessible, inspiring tool for attracting abundance into your life, featuring 52 affirmations paired with vibrantly illustrated archetypes inspired by real women and femmes and their chosen paths to prosperity.

Rich in spirit, rich in love, rich in community, rich in fortune.

This 52-card deck and guidebook set was designed to assist you in creating the prosperous life of your dreams. Focused on career development, financial expansion, community building, and personal well-being, it inspires each of us to be bold and resourceful as we forge our paths and define what abundance means to us.
  • Aspirational icons: Each card highlights an archetype inspired by real women and femmes on their chosen paths to prosperity, from programmers, archeologists, healthcare practitioners, and historians, to artists, strategists, CEOs, and spiritual conjurers.
  • Illustrated affirmations: Each card features a gorgeous illustration paired with an affirmation.
  • Deluxe set: This set includes 52 full-color illustrated cards (3 x 5 inches), shrink wrapped and housed in a card box; a 96-page illustrated guidebook (3 x 5 inches); and a keepsake magnetic closure box (3-1/2 x 5-3/8 inches).
  • Illustrated guidebook: The enclosed guidebook includes guidance on using the deck and interpreting the meanings of the cards and their mantras, as well as words of wisdom from the women and femmes who inspired the archetypes.
  • Journal prompts: Each card’s entry in the guidebook also includes a writing prompt for deeper reflection.

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Oct 15, 2024
Page Count
96 pages
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Photo of Destiny Taylor

Destiny Taylor

About the Author

Destiny Taylor a.k.a The Mama Green is a Pisces dreamer from the Midwest, creating in California. After nearly a decade of publishing digital content on Youtube and Instagram, she wanted to offer something tangible that fellow dreamers could invite into their homes—thus her journey as an author began. Her first publication, Golden Mantras, is a beautiful affirmation deck dedicated to Black Women. Through her work, Destiny hopes to help readers feel seen, safe, understood, and empowered in their truth.

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Author Cat Willett

Cat Willett

About the Illustrator

Cat Willett is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and author of The Queen of Wands: The Story of Pamela Colman Smith: The Artist Behind the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (Running Press, September 2022) and the forthcoming Women of Tarot (Running Press, June 2024). Her work celebrates women and aims to uplift and inspire others through bold, vibrant imagery.

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