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  • A Junior Witch Special: Emma Mildon Interviews Nikki Van De Car

    Mystical powerhouse Nikki Van De Car is expanding her magical offerings for young witches! She's taken inspiration from her bestselling title The Junior Witch’s Handbook: A Kid's Guide to White Magic, Spells, and Rituals to create Crafting Magic: A Junior Witch's Grimoire and The Junior Witch's Spell Deck: 50 Spells, Rituals, Meditations, and More. Here,…

  • RP Mystic’s Guide to Pisces Season

    As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces invites us to to embrace our emotions, our feelings, and our subconscious world. Here, we’ve gathered enchanting correspondences to meaningfully embrace Pisces Season.

  • Meet make your own magic by amanda lovelace

    make your own magic: a beginner’s guide to self-empowering witchcraft, the newest book from amanda lovelace arrives this March! This adapted excerpt from part i: the basics shares amanda's insights on what it means to be a modern witch and the essential practices and tools you need to embark on this adventure, including a magical…

  • Love Spells, Romantic Rituals & Charms for Valentine’s Day

    Love spells, rituals, and charms offer a touch of enchantment that transcends the ordinary. While romantic love may first come to find, “love can be for friendship, family, pets, spiritual love, and the very important one from which all else springs: self-love.” With this in mind, we’re pulling some of our favorite cards from The…

  • Lunar New Year 2024: Get Kids Ready for The Year of the Dragon

    Lunar New Year 2024 is The Year of the Dragon! Unlike Western dragons which are often winged, fire-breathing beasts, the Chinese Dragon is an intelligent and spiritual creature often associated with water, including rivers and seas, rains and storms. Get kids ready for this powerful year with these creative activities!

  • Introducing The Little Encyclopedias of Mythological Creatures

    RP Mystic welcomes a brand-new series to our offerings: The Little Encyclopedias of Mythological Creatures! Take a sneak peek of the first two titles, celebrating fairies and mythical horses, with four select entries from each. You'll be delighted by familiar and beloved creatures plus new-to-you favorites!

  • Exploring Pleasure Alchemy Every Day for One Week

    RP Mystic blog writer Jaime embarked on a journey to embrace pleasure, in all its forms, by pulling cards from Pleasure Alchemy: A Deck and Guidebook for Self-Expression and Fulfillment by artist Maude White every day for seven days straight. Read on to find out what she’s learned about herself and her relationship with pleasure!

  • The Zodiac Signs as RP Mystic Minis

    Embrace your astrological self with a mystical RP Mini that aligns with your zodiac sign! We've found the perfect mini offering for every star sign. From the comfy and grounded Taurus to the free-spirited Sagittarius, RP Mystic explores how each zodiac sign can find a mystical match to enhance their spiritual journey.

  • RP Mystic’s Guide to Scorpio Season

    As the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio invites us to enact deep, intense change while attempting to look within and balance peace. Here, we’ve gathered enchanting correspondences, rituals, and more to tap into the intense, transformative energy of Scorpio Season.

  • RP Mystic’s Samhain Gift Guide

    The countdown to Samhain is RP Mystic's most favorite time of the year! We've rounded up some of our most wonderfully haunting books, decks, journals, puzzles, and more to help you bring Spooky Season vibes into your practice.

  • Tea Leaf Reading for Young Witches

    Enjoy this exclusive excerpt on tea leaf reading (also known as tasseography, a form of empowering magic), courtesy of The Young Witch’s Guide to Living Magically: Potions, Lotions, Rituals, and Spells for Kids by bestselling author Nikki Van De Car, with illustrations by Anisa Makhoul, available now wherever witchy books are sold.

  • Exploring Gentle Chaos with Tyler Gaca aka @ghosthoney

    RP Mystic interviews Tyler Gaca aka @ghosthoney about the creation of Gentle Chaos: Poems, Tales, and Magic, a dreamy compendium of artworks written and visual that explore magic, queerness, Tyler’s unique story, and the enchantment and comfort to be found in the weird, the dark, and the different. Plus learn more about the companion Gentle…