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  • Exploring Gentle Chaos with Tyler Gaca aka @ghosthoney

    RP Mystic interviews Tyler Gaca aka @ghosthoney about the creation of Gentle Chaos: Poems, Tales, and Magic, a dreamy compendium of artworks written and visual that explore magic, queerness, Tyler’s unique story, and the enchantment and comfort to be found in the weird, the dark, and the different. Plus learn more about the companion Gentle…

  • Back to Magic School with RP Mystic

    It’s back to school time! Our reading list helps middle-grade readers explore the magical world all year long. RP Mystic’s class schedule and book recommendations cover the basics of the mystical world plus special explorations of astrology, card divination, and symbol interpretation. A life of enchantment awaits. Happy learning!

  • Pick a Taylor Swift Era, Get a Magical Offering

    Throughout our lives, we experience our own eras of growth and change—just like each one of Taylor Swift’s albums. At RP Mystic, we’ve curated a selection of our offerings to pair with each and every Taylor Swift era. Scroll through to find your favorite era. P.S. You can even work with each offering while listening…

  • Autumn Wildcrafting with Enchanted Foraging by Ebony Gheorghe

    Make your autumn adventures magical with an exclusive excerpt of Enchanted Foraging: Wildcrafting for Herbal Remedies, Rituals, and a Magical Life by geoscientist and founder of Nettles and Bees Ebony Gheorghe. Read on for important foraging basics, plus a recipe for a Quick Root Decoction for digestive stimulation and an enchanting Midautumn Festival ritual to…

  • Dream Divination with Shadow Magic by Nikki Van De Car

    Deepen your shadow work practice with bestselling author Nikki Van De Car's forthcoming book Shadow Magic: Unlocking the Whole Witch Within. Start befriending your own shadow with this exclusive excerpt from Chapter 5: Dream Magic, covering dreaming rituals, lucid dreaming, and nightmares. Plus, learn how to make a spell jar to support the creativity of…

  • Summoning the Ancestors: An Excerpt from Take Back the Magic by Perdita Finn

    Enjoy this exclusive excerpt of Take Back the Magic: Conversations with the Unseen World by spiritual teacher and co-founder of The Way of the Rose Perdita Finn, featuring four summoning rituals you can use in your ancestor work, as we await the book's release on September 12th.

  • RP Mystic’s Guide to the Lion’s Gate Portal

    Learn how to harness the energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal, an astrological event where the Fixed Star Sirius, the Orion’s Belt constellation, and Planet Earth are in perfect alignment. Considered the height of solar energy, the Lion’s Gate Portal is a powerful time for manifestation, with the element of Fire bringing a touch of…

  • Fairy Magic to Brighten Your Altar

    Let your inner child out to play with RP Mystic’s newest offerings celebrating some of the most magical creatures of all: fairies! Explore a sampling of the diverse inspiration found in the beautiful Fairies Oracle Deck and Guidebook: Wisdom, Inspiration, and Magic from Folktales Around the World with a sneak peek at five oracle cards…

  • Meet the Creators: Aubrey Houdeshell and Rose Ides of Oracle of Pluto

    Explore Oracle of Pluto: A 55-Card Exploration of the Undiscovered Self with an exclusive Q&A between author Aubrey Houdeshell and Illustrator Rose Ides. This unique oracle deck guides modern mystics through the process of shadow work to unlock self-transformation. Learn more about Aubrey’s personal connection to Pluto and Rose’s artistic process in balancing Pluto’s themes…

  • Meet the Author: Nikki Van De Car, Interviewed by Editor Allison Cohen

    Enjoy this exclusive Q&A between bestselling author Nikki Van De Car and Running Press Kids editor Allison Cohen, who worked with Nikki on The Junior Astrologer’s Oracle Deck and Guidebook and The Junior Tarot Reader’s Deck and Guidebook, two unique card decks for budding mystics. Learn more about Nikki’s own divination journey and her hopes…

  • Get to Know the Wheel of the Year: An Excerpt of Sacred Seasons by Kirsty Gallagher

    Discover how the Wheel of the Year can help you come back into alignment with nature, the seasons and cycles, and with yourself! Enjoy an exclusive excerpt from Sacred Seasons: Nature-Inspired Rituals, Wisdom, and Self-Care for Every Day of the Year by bestselling author, founder of Lunar Living, and modern mystic Kirsty Gallagher.

  • Introducing Letting Magic In from Maia Toll: Featured Excerpt

    Enjoy this featured excerpt from the introduction of Letting Magic In: A Memoir of Becoming by celebrated author, founder of Herbiary, and modern mystic Maia Toll. Get ready to unearth the magic within you as you dive into the story of Maia’s own magical awakening!