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  • RP Mystic’s Guide to Cancer Season

    During Cancer season, we’re invited to look within and harness the power of our emotions and intuition. Learn more about the full astrology of this sign with RP Mystic. We’ve gathered enchanting correspondences across tarot, essential oils, crystals, and spellwork to help you forge new paths and embrace your psychic gifts.

  • Marie-Anne Lenormand, the Paris Sybil: An Excerpt from “Women of Tarot” by Cat Willett

    Explore the unsung stories of the women who made Tarot, a card game that was once reserved for the male European elite, accessible for people of all genders and worldviews. Here we offer you an exclusive excerpt of author-illustrator Cat Willett’s "Women of Tarot: An Illustrated History of Divinators, Card Readers, and Mystics." Preview the…

  • How to Begin Your Lunar Abundance Practice

    Lunar Abundance is a captivating self-care method that bridges the cosmic rhythms of the moon with the intricacies of manifesting your deepest desires. Join us as we explore the profound wisdom curated by Ezzie Spencer, bestselling author and the visionary behind Lunar Abundance, to unlock the transformative power of working with the Moon’s phases.

  • Summer Magic from RP Kids

    Summer is a magical time of bright days, cold snacks, and nature thriving all around! Explore this magic with little ones and middle-graders with help from Running Press Kids. We've curated five fun activities from some of our newest offerings.

  • Decoding the Artist Within: A Q&A with Jennifer Sodini and Yoshino, Creators of “The Artist Decoded Tarot”

    RP Mystic invited Jennifer Sodini and Yoshino, creators of "The Artist Decoded Tarot," to join us for a Q&A exploring the intersection of modern technology, ancient wisdom, and human creativity's infinite potential. Expertly crafted through synthography (image creation via generative AI prompting) paired with digital collage, "The Artist Decoded Tarot" is a tool to help…

  • Explore Your Inner Worlds with “The Dreamgate Oracle”

    We invited "The Starchild Tarot" creator Danielle Noel to share a personal letter plus three-card reading from her deck "The Dreamgate Oracle: A Self-Reflective Deck and Guidebook" for the RP Mystic community. "The Dreamgate Oracle: A Self-Reflective Deck and Guidebook" invites you to enter your own dreaming doorway and commune with the uncharted expanses of…

  • Connect to the Natural World with “Earth + Body” from Jolene Hart

    Bestselling author and certified health coach Jolene Hart, CHC created Earth + Body: 52 Weeks of Well-Being Inspired by Nature to help you learn to connect more meaningfully to your precious body. Each of the 52 cards in this oracle deck and guidebook set highlights a natural element and offers an intention, a lesson, a…

  • Harness the Magic of the Forest with Nikki Van De Car’s “Forest Magic”

    Whether it's the tranquil sanctuary of your backyard or the lush expanse of the park just down the street, the magic of the forest is never far from reach. Step into its enchanting embrace with Nikki Van De Car's Forest Magic: Rituals and Spells for Green Witchcraft and Forest Magic Oracle: A Deck and Guidebook…

  • A Junior Witch Special: Nikki Van De Car Interviews Emma Mildon

    Emma Mildon, international bestselling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and regular contributor to Mind Body Green, The Huffington Post, and Soul and Spirit Magazine, is bringing spiritual wellness to kids. Her new picture book M is for Mystical: A Book for Mini Mystics makes learning mindfulness as easy as learning your ABCs. Here, leading…

  • Meet the Creators: Anne Louise Burdett and Chelsea Granger of Dirt Gems

    Jumpstart your season of growth with Dirt Gems: Plant Oracle Deck and Guidebook from author-illustrator creative team Anne Louise Burdett and Chelsea Granger. We invited author Anne Louise and illustrator Chelsea to interview each other about their creative processes. Read on to learn more about Anne Louise’s first plant relationships, the development of the deck’s…

  • A Junior Witch Special: Emma Mildon Interviews Nikki Van De Car

    Mystical powerhouse Nikki Van De Car is expanding her magical offerings for young witches! She's taken inspiration from her bestselling title The Junior Witch’s Handbook: A Kid's Guide to White Magic, Spells, and Rituals to create Crafting Magic: A Junior Witch's Grimoire and The Junior Witch's Spell Deck: 50 Spells, Rituals, Meditations, and More. Here,…

  • RP Mystic’s Guide to Pisces Season

    As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces invites us to to embrace our emotions, our feelings, and our subconscious world. Here, we’ve gathered enchanting correspondences to meaningfully embrace Pisces Season.