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How to Begin Your Lunar Abundance Practice

Have you ever felt the pull of the moon, its gentle sway guiding not just the tides, but perhaps your own inner thoughts and physical sensations?

That pull is the start of practicing Lunar Abundance—a captivating self-care method that bridges the cosmic rhythms of the moon with the intricacies of manifesting your deepest desires. Join us as we explore the profound wisdom curated by Ezzie Spencer, PhD, bestselling author and the visionary behind Lunar Abundance, to unlock the transformative power of working with the Moon’s phases.

Get ready to embark on a journey where the celestial and the personal intertwine!

Illustration of the moon’s phases in an upward curved arrangement, from the “Lunar Abundance Reflection Cards”

What is Lunar Abundance?

Lunar Abundance is “a practice that will help you cultivate peace, self-knowledge, effectiveness, stability, trust, and flow by following the Moon cycle, in a very safe, contained and gently transformative process.”

When the Moon cycle completes, another one begins, inviting you to continue your practice by understanding your own internal rhythms and cycles in relation to the phases of the moon.

“The Moon cycle is what continually guides me home and grounds me; she was my initial inspiration, remains my muse, and provides, via her short, trackable, and observable cycle, a gentle and predictable rhythm and guide to situate myself here on Earth, as well as a mirror back to us to help us know ourselves,” explains Ezzie Spencer in Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon. “The Moon has helped me to cultivate a more intimate integration of mind and body, and to devise a rule-of-thumb guide for living and working in my own flow. With this, I create a better life for myself and for those with whom I share this practice.”

Photo of “Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon” laid above a gold and white backdrop

Cultivate a Lunar Abundance Practice

In Lunar Abundance, Ezzie Spencer offers a chapter for each of the eight lunar phases, starting with the New Moon.

She notes in the Introduction to the Lunar Abundance Reflection Cards: A Deck and Guidebook for Working with the Moon’s Phases (more about those soon!): “These eight Moon phases last three or four days apiece, and in this Moon practice, the phases alternate between two different modes of operating, Being and Doing, for integrated creative power.”

During the first and every other lunar phase, you’re invited to create a life of abundance by doing certain things, whereas during the second and every other lunar phase, you’ll cultivate a life of abundance by being a certain way.

Here’s a simple look at what to practice in each phase:

  • New Moon (Doing): I set my intention. I feel my intention in my body.
  • Crescent Moon (Being): I relax into my intention. I breathe.
  • First Quarter Moon (Doing): I take discerning action to support my intention.
  • Gibbous Moon (Being): I trust that the perfect intention is coming into form at the perfect time.
  • Full Moon (Doing): I move ahead with my intention now, OR I accept that my intention was not for the best at this time. I release it, and course-correct now.
  • Disseminating Moon (Being): I feel grateful that my intention is coming into form in the perfect way. I receive with gratitude.
  • Third Quarter Moon (Doing): Now that I am receiving my intention, I give back from a place of abundance.
  • Balsamic Moon (Being): I reflect with thanks. I rest. I restore.

Now, let’s walk through some suggested Lunar Abundance practices for the New Moon.

Photo of the “Lunar Abundance Mini Moon Lamp” box and included lamp and base laid above a gold and white backdrop. The lamp is lit.

Your New Moon Ceremony

The New Moon phase is barely noticeable in the sky, yet powerful within.

“The darkness at the New Moon is an invitation to begin our journey to the well of wisdom,” explains Ezzie Spencer. “Engage your senses—touch, hearing, smell, taste, and sight—to navigate this process.”

Craft your own New Moon ceremony with the below checklist found in Lunar Abundance:

  • Work out when you will conduct your New Moon Ceremony. You can check the next New Moon date on the free planner available at
  • Get specific—write down a date and time, and put a reminder in your calendar now, for 15-30 minutes at least. You may wish to sit at night. Sit as close to the New Moon time as possible, but you don’t need to be rigid about the timing.
  • Work out where you will be, where you won’t be disturbed.
  • If you need to ask someone to take care of the kids, or ask your partner or housemates to give you space, make arrangements for this.
  • Give some thought as to how to make your space beautiful and comfortable.

Engage the five senses to make your space beautiful and comfortable in whatever ways resonate with you. Perhaps you’ll play some soothing music, or ambient sounds that tickle the ear. Light incense or diffuse your favorite essential oils to connect with your sense of smell. Awaken the taste buds with a comforting herbal tea or a piece of dark chocolate. Connect with your sense of sight and touch by incorporating meaningful trinkets, flowers, and crystals of varying textures and silhouettes.

The Lunar Abundance Mini Moon Lamp is an ideal companion for your New Moon ceremony that helps to awaken your sense of sight. Just like the moon itself, this captivating light serves as a visual and physical reminder of the moon—even when it is not visible in the night sky. The solid, clear crystal lamp is laser-engraved with the landscape of the full moon, resting on a beautiful yet minimal stand.

Photo of the “Lunar Abundance Reflection Cards: A Deck and Guidebook for Working with the Moon’s Phases” box laid above face-up cards from the deck, against a gold and white backdrop

New Moon Practice: I FEEL

Now that we’re attuned to our senses, we’re ready to come back into the body by connecting with the feelings—or physical sensations—that come up for us.

Adorned with striking illustrations by Bárbara Malagoli, the Lunar Abundance Reflection Cards offer dozens of ways to work with each of the moon’s phases. The deck can either serve as inspiration for any day of the month, or you can choose to work with a specific card that aligns with the current moon phase.

Here, we’ll work with the I FEEL card as part of our New Moon practice.

THIS CARD INVITES YOU TO: Tap into the wisdom your body has to share with you.

Perhaps there are needs and desires that you are not paying attention to.

Or perhaps you are not fully feeling your intention? The act of feeling your intention charges it with power beyond mere thought.

One of the gifts of the Lunar Abundance practice is that it encourages you to come back into your body. You come back into your body simply by feeling your physical sensations. Just go slowly. You are in charge of your pace.

Try this: Close your eyes. Rub your nose with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand.

Take three deep breaths through your nose.

Notice how the breath feels as you breathe in and out. Do you feel more as you breathe in, compared to when you breathe out? Do you feel more in the left nostril, or the right?

On the fourth breath, place one hand on your heart and breathe into your chest. Smile.

Imagine your intention already coming true. How does that feel?

Incorporate your chosen card into your daily self-care rituals by displaying it on the included wooden stand, providing a visual reminder to tap into the wisdom your body has to share with you.

Photo of “Lunar Abundance: Reflective Journal: Your Guidebook to Working with the Phases of the Moon” laid above a gold and white backdrop

Set an Intention with Mindful Journaling

Now that we’re connected to the physical sensations within our body, it’s time to set a New Moon intention.

“Throughout the Moon cycle, your New Moon intention will be your compass,” explains Ezzie Spencer in the Lunar Abundance: Reflective Journal: Your Guidebook to Working with the Phases of the Moon.

Use these journal prompts from the Lunar Abundance: Reflective Journal to find your unique intention:

  • Is there something in your life that is not working, something you would like to change? Do you love your work? Are you happy where you live? Do you have an intimate relationship with someone you love? Do you have enough money in your bank account? Are you as creative as you desire?
    If it feels as if there is something missing in your life, rather than feeling worried or disparaging about it, you can see this feeling as a helpful clue to direct you toward what you want to welcome in. Write down all the areas of your life that you wish were different.
  • Now consider why you want these things to be different. What is underpinning your desires? For example, is desiring money in your bank account really about needing security? Is wanting a partner really about needing to receive love and affection? Is wishing that you didn’t detest your work really about needing to fulfill your soul purpose?
    The invitation is to be curious here—not to think that you shouldn’t want these things, but to be open and honest with yourself about what is truly underlying your desires.
    What you write here will inform your authentic New Moon intention, so heartstorm here.
  • Now it’s time to breathe deeply. We have intentionally stirred up many thoughts and feelings, which will be very useful as we weave into the New Moon intention-setting process.
  • Close your eyes, bow your head to your heart, and simply ask yourself: What is my New Moon intention for this Moon cycle? Pause, feel deeply, and listen for the answer. Then return here. Write down everything that just came up for you (we will get clarity soon).

Your intention should be linked to a feeling—a physical sensation—in your body and to an elevated emotion like  gratitude, savoring, or joy. Your intention should be written in a positive language—you want to welcome in your intention rather than release it. Remember, since Lunar Abundance is all about connecting with your inner self, your intention should be all about you!

Work with these journal prompts during the next New Moon and see what comes up. Keep in mind: it may take further reflection to find the intention that makes you feel the most alive in your body. That’s why the Lunar Abundance: Reflective Journal is such a helpful offering alongside the original Lunar Abundance book, reflection cards, and mini moon lamp.

Begin your Lunar Abundance practice today to cultivate joy, peace and purpose.

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