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New Year, New Magic

The New Year, that time of boundless envisioning and wondrous possibility, is upon us! This is the perfect time to begin or to enhance your magical practice for a year of full of enchantment. We’ve gathered a selection of our best and brightest books, decks, and more to help you welcome this magic into your life.


Stellar Books for Astrologers

Let the stars be your guide this year with exciting line-ups from authors who made their RP Mystic debut in 2022!

Interested in learning how the stars affect your relationships with others – and with yourself? Check out Signs & Skymates by star West African astrologer and founder of KnowTheZodiac Dossé-Via Trenou. Use the companion journal to chart your findings, and take your compatibility checks on-the-go with the companion mini deck.

Fans of Chinese astrology will adore The Chinese Zodiac by Aaron Hwang. Discover how your full Chinese horoscope, which consists of four animals + four elements, can unlock your destiny and guide you to a life of luck, riches, and prosperity. Keep the fun going with the enchanting companion puzzle and cute matching wooden magnets.

Want to learn more about the Night? Experienced magical teacher Maia Toll invites you to explore the mysteries of the Night with The Night School. Organized as a magical course of study, this book dives deep into a variety of topics such as alchemy, divination, energetic engineering, and so much more. Record your wonderings in the companion journal (a modern Book of Shadows) and take your lessons with you wherever you go with the companion mini deck.

Enchanting Divination for Card Readers

2023 is your year to learn to read the cards! Check out the exciting decks that 2022 manifested – plus a graphic biography of Pamela Colman Smith, the artist behind the original Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and a guided journal to record your tarot journey.

Pamela Colman Smith, the visionary artist who illustrated the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, has been forgotten for far too long. Now, artist and author Cat Willett illustrates the life of this incredible woman, from London to Jamaica to New York, in her graphic novel The Queen of Wands: The Story of Pamela Colman Smith, the Artist Behind the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

For those looking for fresh approaches to the traditional tarot, we’re offering two modern takes on the cards, created by members of two different underrepresented communities. Black Tarot from social justice activist and griot Nyasha Williams features exclusively Black figures and icons to help you awaken Ancestral ties and connect to the divine. The companion Ancestral Illumination journal is filled with tarot advice, journal prompts, and plenty of writing space to chart your journey – plus, four sticker sheets enhance your unique path. Queer Tarot from queer and trans artist team Ash + Chess showcases a wide range of gender expressions and sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, sizes, and abilities – each card is based on a real member of the LGBTQ+ community.

For those who get their inspiration from oracle decks, we’re offering two unique decks. Use Mystic Mondays: The Cosmic Creatures Deck from Mystic Mondays founder Grace Duong to learn how 66 creatures of the land, sea, and sky can aid you on your journey, from astrological correspondences to intention-setting and more. When you find yourself facing tough questions and in need of new ways of thinking, the Resilience Alchemy deck from celebrated cut-paper artist Maude White is here to provide you with a toolset of ideas, from Sisters to Remedies to Gifts, to rearrange and rethink whatever is blocking your path.

Fresh Offerings for Witches of All Levels

For the witch who loves learning new rituals, spells, and potions, RP Mystic has you covered with books on building a unique practice; brewing cocktails, tinctures, tisanes, and more; and stepping into the worlds of palm reading, dream interpretation, and crystals!

How to Study Magic by author, educator, and experienced witch Sarah Lyons provides a strong foundation in the history of magic, covering the five most common paths followed by modern witches: Chaos Magic, Grimoires, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism. Plus, find practical activities to enhance your rituals!

Brew up potions to invite creativity, love, courage, wisdom, and other intentions into your life with Potions, the newest book from Practical Magic author Nikki Van De Car. This vibrant guide to the world of infusions, teas, kombuchas, cocktails, and more also includes rituals and correspondences to enhance your spellwork.

Our Mystical Box Set is perfect for witches on the go! Featuring tiny (literally) introductions to the worlds of palm reading, dream interpretation, and crystal use, this cute mini-book set fits perfectly on any altar.

Finally, invite fun and enchantment into your life with the Crystals 500-Piece Puzzle! Featuring illustrations of perennially popular gems such as rose quartz, Tiger’s Eye, lapis lazuli, and more, this vibrant puzzle can be a soothing meditation aid. And a bonus 32-page mini book provides information on the crystals’ historic uses, key properties, and grid placements.

Enchanting Introductions for Young Mystics

2022 saw the birth of practical books for young witches! These four books for middle-grade readers are perfect introductions to the worlds of astrology, crystals, dream interpretation, and spellcraft for the magic-curious kids in your life.

Astrology for Black Girls by She Raised Her Voice! author and lifelong astrology practitioner Jordannah Elizabeth is an insightful exploration of astrology in the Black community. More than just an introduction to the basics of zodiac signs, planets, and houses, this primer begins with a short chapter spotlighting notable Black astronomers and astrologers (including Benjamin Banneker, Mecca Woods, and others). Other topics include astrology & religion, and how to talk to your family about astrology.

Practical Magic for Kids is, you guessed it, the kid-friendly version of Practical Magic from Nikki Van De Car, and perfect for kids who love all magic, all the time! With chapters on chakras, auras, plant-based magic, tarot, palmistry, and much more, kids will find plenty to discover – and some adults might, too!

Your Birthstone Book by Sarah Glenn Marsh is a fascinating introduction to the world of birthday gems. In these pages, you’ll learn how the crystals got their names, the many ways they’ve been worn throughout history, and the magical properties they possess.

Dream On by The Practical Witch’s Spell Book author Cerridwen Greenleaf is an enchanting exploration of the magic of dreams. More than just an encyclopedia of dream meanings, this book offers dream theories and sleep science; dreams that changed the course of history; activities to encourage restful sleep and dream recording; and fun quizzes for self-exploration.