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New Year, New Magic

The New Year, that time of boundless envisioning and wondrous possibility, is upon us! This is the perfect time to begin or to enhance your magical practice for a year of full of enchantment. We’ve gathered a selection of our best and brightest books, decks, and more to help you welcome this magic into your life.

Spellbinding Reads

Nurture your best self throughout the year with Sacred Seasons: Nature-Inspired Rituals, Wisdom, and Self-Care for Every Day of the Year from Sunday Times bestselling author and founder of Lunar Living Kirsty Gallagher. Discover how you can live in alignment with nature’s cycles, from solstices and equinoxes to seasonal festivals to unlock evolution and renewal.

Well-Rested Every Day: 365 Rituals, Recipes, and Reflections for Radical Peace and Renewal from certified health coach and bestselling wellness author Jolene Hart, CHC teaches us that rest is an intuitive, brave, and even radical act. Discover daily rest-focused inspiration, from recipes, rituals, and science lessons to journaling prompts, motivational words, and more.

Reconnect with your inner self with Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon from relationships coach Ezzie Spencer, Ph.D . Filled with inspirational photography and interactive features, this practical guide to self-care will help you summon your true potential and create a better life for yourself and for those in your orbit.

Embark on your foraging journey with Enchanted Foraging: Wildcrafting for Herbal Remedies, Rituals, and a Magical Life by Nettles and Bees founder Ebony Gheorghe. With chapters divided by season, you’ll find tips for foraging correctly, mindfully, and sustainably; recipes for herbal remedies; and wildcrafts for rituals that usher in the new season.

From the bestselling author of Practical Magic Nikki Van De Car comes Shadow Magic: Unlocking the Whole Witch Within, an expansive, beautiful primer on cultivating your own innate power, magic, and strength through shadow work—the mystical art of engaging with your deepest internal self.

Bestselling author and celebrated herbalist Maia Toll shares the story of her magical awakening in Letting Magic In: A Memoir of Becoming. Peppered throughout with magical learnings and rituals gathered along the way, Letting Magic In will help you gain the courage and the wisdom to find your own magic!

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Bewitching Journals

Create your own enchanted reference filled with the knowledge that’s important to you with Everyday Magic: A Perpetual Journal for Spiritual Seekers from bestselling author Maia Toll. Inside you’ll find sections divided by Intentions, Astrology, Tarot, Healing Systems, Plant-Based Magic, Rituals, Dreams, Divination Systems, and more to record your magical learnings.

Bring a touch of peace and wonder to your morning routine with Morning Magic: A Guided Journal of Enchanted Rituals for the Day Ahead. Welcome self-care every day with rituals such as creating a sacred space, setting your intention with a candle spell, centering yourself with a morning crystal meditation, and more!

The Saturn Return is an astrological event that occurs approximately every 29 years and is usually accompanied by major life changes and personal transformations. Surviving Your Saturn Return: A Guided Journal to Help You Thrive in Your Cosmic Coming-of-Age is a charming hardcover journal to help you reflect on the past, stay mindful of the present, and manifest good vibes for the future.

When you ignite the light of your personal energy, you feel more joyful, resilient, and lit from within. Shine On: An Interactive Journal for Igniting Beauty, Healing, and Joy from certified health coach and bestselling wellness author Jolene Hart, CHC is your interactive guidebook to keeping that light illuminated through life’s challenges, for yourself as well as those around you.

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Charming Decks

Pleasure Alchemy: A Deck and Guidebook for Self-Expression and Fulfillment from Maude White is an empowering oracle card system designed to help you (re)explore pleasure in all its forms. Divided among the Pleasure Seekers, Remedies, and Suggestions, the luscious 78 cards of this imaginative deck provide reflection on the many aspects of pleasure for you as a unique soul.

Tap into your inner power and activate your higher self with Golden Mantras: Affirmation Deck and Guidebook, a beautifully-illustrated set of 52 powerful affirmations and mantras plus 96-page guidebook to nourish the empress within from The Mama Green founder Destiny Taylor, illustrated by The Queen of Wands artist Cat Willett.

Get in touch with your deepest self through the process of shadow work with Oracle of Pluto: A 55-Card Exploration of the Undiscovered Self, a vibrantly illustrated oracle deck and guidebook set from Graveyard Roses founder Aubrey Houdeshell and artist Rose Ides. Includes 55 oracle cards and a 112-page guidebook in a magnetic closure case.

The Coloring Tarot: A Deck and Guidebook to Color and Create by Sarah Lyons and illustrated by Harriet Lee-Merrion is a complete deck of 78 tarot cards, gorgeously illustrated in simple yet rich original line art that evokes the classic Rider-Waite-Smith designs, all ready for you to color in, customize, and bring to life.

Divine your way through writer’s block with The Writer’s Oracle Deck and Guidebook: 50 Cards to Inspire Your Writing by Alexandra Rowland, illustrated by David Huang. The 25 Cards of Inquiry (prompt cards) and 25 Cards of Dreaming (illustrated cards) will light your creative spark in new ways. Think of it as an extension of your writer’s circle!

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For Young Witches

A Kid’s Guide to the Chinese Zodiac: Animal Horoscopes, Legendary Myths, and Practical Uses for Ancient Wisdom by Aaron Hwang, illustrated by Qu Lan, is a charming, fun-filled introduction to the Four Pillars of eastern astrology for middle-grade readers. This mystical guide will inspire any kid who is curious about the universe and how they fit into it.

The Young Witch’s Guide to Living Magically: Potions, Lotions, Rituals, and Spells for Kids by Nikki Van De Car teaches young witches about the strong connection between their body and spirit. With chapters on the internal, the external, and the home, young readers will learn to use charged crystals, healing herbs, and more to help alleviate their stress and to create a better life for themselves.

Adapted from The Junior Tarot Reader’s Handbook by Nikki Van De Car, The Junior Tarot Reader’s Deck and Guidebook: 78 Cards for Budding Mystics includes a 78-card deck showcasing Uta Krogmann’s gorgeous artwork, in which she took special care to keep imagery inclusive so that any reader can see themselves reflected. Also includes a 96-page companion booklet in a magnetic closure case. 

From sparkly crystals and healing plants to the constellations that move across the night sky, the world is full of magic! In Practical Magic for Kids: Your Guide to Crystals, Horoscopes, Dreams, and More, bestselling author Nikki Van De Car teaches readers ages eight to twelve about the magic all around them.

Astrology for Black Girls: A Beginner’s Guide for Black Girls Who Look to the Stars from practicing astrologer Jordannah Elizabeth provides young girls with the tools they need to understand the Zodiac in their journey to self-discovery. Beautiful illustrations by Chellie Carroll round out this exciting book full of Black Girl Magic!

How to Speak Flower: A Kid’s Guide to Buds, Blooms, and Blossoms by Molly Williams, illustrated by Miriam Bos is an introduction to the enchanting world of floriography, the language of flowers. In addition to flower meanings, this bright and beautiful guide is filled with personalized quizzes, flower crafts (bath bombs!), and so much more. Perfect for kids and adults!

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