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The Junior Witch's Spell Deck

50 Spells, Rituals, Meditations, and More!


By Nikki Van De Car

Illustrated by Uta Krogmann

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A magical 50-card deck of spells, rituals, activities, and meditations for friendship, family, and school, adapted from bestselling author Nikki Van De Car's The Junior Witch’s Handbook.

This 50-card spell deck includes new and repurposed spells, rituals, activities/crafts, and meditations from the The Junior Witch's Handbook, and is organized by topic (i.e., friendship, family, school/life) so kids can pull and practice whenever they need. Spells include everything from inviting new friendships, protecting family, and growing courage to healing hurt feelings and building self-confidence. Rituals to cleanse your energy after a busy day at school or to connect with friends and family encourage young witches to practice more self-care, similar to the meditations that emphasize compassion and finding the good in situations. Engaging activities such as creating a friendship altar, designing a family symbol, or crafting a DIY diffuser make sure there is something for everyone and allows users to apply their magic in a multitude of ways! 

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Mar 5, 2024
Page Count
50 pages
Running Press Kids

Nikki Van De Car

About the Author

Nikki Van De Car is a blogger, mother, writer, crafter, and lover of all things mystical. She is the author of ten books on magic and crafting, including Practical Magic and The Junior Witch’s Handbook, and the founder of two popular knitting blogs. Nikki lives with her family in Hawaii.

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