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Magical Gifts for Beltane and Mother’s Day

Beltane is coming up on May 1st, with Mother’s Day just a few weeks after on the 12th. 

With these two celebrations in mind, we’ve curated a collection of thoughtful gifts—magical books, journals, oracle decks, and more—to celebrate the end of spring and the magic of motherhood.

Photo of "Ritual" standing among flowers and crystals

So, what is Beltane? In Ritual: Magical Celebrations of Nature and Community from Around the World, author Nikki Van De Car shares the origins of this ancient end-of-spring celebration. It all started in ancient Rome with Floralia, a festival that “was a bit more pleasure-seeking and passionate than most.” From there, the ancient Greeks observed Maiouma to celebrate the gods of pleasure and love, Dionysus and Aphrodite.

Over time, these traditions slowly spread through Europe, with interpretations of the holiday shifting to fit the beliefs of each culture. “In Gaelic and Celtic cultures, Floralia became known as Beltane, which translates to ‘lucky fire.’ All household fires would be doused and the Beltane bonfire would be lit in each village…the bonfires were meant to be leaped over, both for luck and for protection from fairies.” We love how Ritual teaches us about magical celebrations like Beltane, and how they vary across cultures, which is why we think it’s a lovely gift idea for mothers open to learning about magical celebrations held across the world!

Learn more about this magical offering and more in our full list of Mother’s Day and end-of-springtime gift ideas below.

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