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How My Attitude Created the Best Kind of Trouble


By Deesha Dyer

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Without credentials or connections, community college student and advocate Deesha Dyer navigated her imposter syndrome, landing one of the most exclusive positions in the White House. Michelle Obama calls Undiplomatic “smart, funny, and endlessly inspirational.”

From the most unlikely person to end up as a senior official to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama comes a candid, incredible, and inspiring story. Moved by the election of the country’s first Black president, Deesha Dyer applied for a White House internship in 2009 as a thirty-one-year-old part-time community college student, taking a leap that carried her into a permanent full-time position, followed by three promotions landing her at the epicenter of politics.

In spite of the little voice in her head telling her she didn’t deserve to be there, Deesha thrived and rose to the highly coveted role of White House social secretary, giving her a front-row seat to defining moments in history while curating some of the flyest parties 1600 Pennsylvania has ever seen. Yet, with humor and realness, she peels back the curtain, revealing the hard truth about why she spent years trying to hide behind it. Undiplomatic is a deeply personal narrative about combating self-doubt while being on top of the world. Deesha reflects on how imposter syndrome threatened her self-esteem, proven aptitude, and survival until she realized that it was neither her fault nor her responsibility. 

In this vivid portrayal from a true “around the way girl” on the personal impact of the Obama presidency, Deesha shares her road map from imposter to impact. In Undiplomatic, she invites you on a journey of self-discovery where she overcame doubt, unearthed true love for herself, and learned that your unique worth is not something to be earned, but something inherently deserved. Uplifting, funny, and sincere, Deesha’s story shows you about authenticity at all costs, and the joy and freedom that awaits on the other side.

  • Book Riot’s Best New Releases
  • "A revealing insider’s look inside the executive branch and its entrenched culture."
  • “From the moment I met Deesha, I knew she was special. And she was special because she showed me her whole self. I knew exactly what I was getting, which was…a star. I knew then she would thrive, and so what a lesson about imposter syndrome this book is to all of us. Deesha’s memoir, Undiplomatic, is emotional, enthralling and inspiring. It’s also very funny. This book is for anyone still on their starting journey or still on their journey which is…all of us.”
    Alyssa Mastromonaco, New York Times bestselling author of Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama
  • “Deesha delivers her captivating story with candor and courage. It is valuable reading, especially for those many who have doubted their self-worth. Undiplomatic provides powerful, authentic antidotes to ‘imposter syndrome’ and demonstrates that it is not only possible but necessary to believe in oneself and to silence those voices that say you do not belong.”
    Ambassador Susan E. Rice, former national security advisor and domestic policy advisor and New York Times bestselling author of Tough Love
  • “By telling the story of her own inspiring and unexpected path to Barack Obama’s White House, Deesha Dyer offers powerful lessons about how to suppress self-doubt and chase one's dreams. Undiplomatic is powerful, smart, and very funny.”
    Dan Pfeiffer, former senior White House advisor, co-host of Pod Save America, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Yes We (Still)Can
  • “I’ve had a front-row seat at many of the events that Deesha managed at the White House. And while I could be impressed by her ability to create and curate fly events, I’m most impressed by Deesha’s hardworking, enterprising, and no-nonsense approach to the world and her journey. This book is a guide for anyone who needs motivation to execute above expectations and to deliver high-wattage results even when the spotlight is bright.”
    Bozoma Saint John, hall of fame–inducted marketing executive and author of The Urgent Life

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Deesha Dyer

About the Author

Deesha Dyer is an award-winning strategist, on-the-ground community organizer, and executive operations expert. She served as the White House Social Secretary during the Obama Administration and is currently the founder and CEO of Hook & Fasten. She lives in Washington D.C.

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