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Seinfeld: The Miniature Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables


By Cosmo Kramer

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Bring home Kramer's greatest invention from the quintessentially modern sitcom, Seinfeld—a coffee table book about coffee tables that turns into a coffee table—in miniature form.
  • From the Screen to the Page: This finely detailed, 3 5/8 x 2 3/4 inch replica coffee table book is everything Kramer promised and more, featuring 48 pages of coffee table photos paired with some of Kramer's funniest lines
  • An Actual Miniature Coffee Table: The book includes fold-out legs to become a tiny coffee table 
  • Coasters Included: Accompanying the book are 4 coasters featuring Kramer, Jerry, Elaine, and George
  • The Perfect Gift for Seinfeld Fans: Lovers of the show will enjoy owning this unique and humorous piece of the show's history
  • Officially Licensed: An authentic Seinfeld collectible


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Sep 5, 2023
Page Count
48 pages
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Cosmo Kramer

About the Author

When Cosmo Kramer was 17 years old, he ran away from home and hopped a steamship to Sweden. He later settled in the Upper West Side neighborhood in New York City, where he founded Kramerica Industries and worked at H&H Bagels and as a horse carriage driver, among other careers including modelling for Calvin Klein and for a major tobacco company. As an actor, he was fired from a Woody Allen film, played a receptionist on Murphy Brown, served as stand-in on a daytime soap opera All My Children, and performed illnesses at Mt. Sinai Hospital’s student-diagnosis sessions. He was the co-inventor of the Mansierre, aka the Bro (as Kramer preferred to call it), a bra for men. Women were drawn to Kramer, in part due to him possessing “the lure of the animal,” otherwise known as kavorka, according to a Lavitan Orthodox priest. And due to a botched vasectomy, he was even more potent than he was pre-surgery. He conceived of The Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables while skiing.

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