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RP Mystic’s Guide to the Lion’s Gate Portal

In the midst of Leo season, we are simmering with excitement as we prepare to harness the energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal! Here is your complete guide to making the most of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

Illustration of the constellation Leo within a lion's body

The Lion’s Gate Portal is an astrological event where the Fixed Star Sirius, the Orion’s Belt constellation, and Planet Earth are in perfect alignment.  Since it opens on July 26th and peaks on August 8th, its name is a nod to the Sun in Leo. Considered the height of solar energy, the Lion’s Gate Portal is a powerful time for manifestation, with the element of Fire bringing a touch of creativity and spark.

Just as there are many ways to understand the significance of the Lion’s Gate Portal, there are many ways to harness its energy in your own modern mystic practice. Read on to see how!

Understanding Through the Oracle of Pluto Deck

Photo of the Oracle of Pluto deck box and guidebook above a starry background

RP Mystic is celebrating the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal with the launch of a brand-new oracle deck: Oracle of Pluto: A 55-Card Exploration of the Undiscovered Self. Written by Aubrey Houdeshell and illustrated by Rose Ides, the deck is an ode to Pluto that invites modern mystics to practice Shadow Work. Aubrey is a professional tarot reader, astrologer, and shadow worker, while Rose Ides is an artist known for her whimsical and often mystical work.

You may be asking yourself, why in the cosmic world are we talking about shadow work during a time filled with fiery energy and light?

Well, it’s simple: there’s no Light without Shadow.

“Our Shadow makes up half of who we are,” explains Aubrey in the Oracle of Pluto guidebook. “We cannot become whole versions of ourselves without stepping into our Underworlds and greeting whatever lives down there. Through the process of unearthing this other side of ourselves, we can achieve potent transformation. That transformation is where Pluto comes in.”

Illustration of the Unrecognized Self Spread from the "Oracle of Pluto" guidebook

With this in mind, we’re celebrating the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal and the launch of the Oracle of Pluto divination deck with a collective Shadow Work spread for all modern mystics!

Here, we offer a 7-card spread known as The Unrecognized Self, which Aubrey defines as “the aspect of yourself that wants to be brought into the light so you can become a fuller version of yourself.”

The Camel card from the "Oracle of Pluto" deck

First Card (represents the nature of your Unrecognized Self) – Camel: Travel, A Long Journey, Stamina

Regarded for its ability to travel long distances across the desert, the Camel may literally herald the opportunity for travel. Should that be the case, this card is an invitation to embark upon that journey, and to welcome whatever it may bring. However, Camel energy is really about the archetype of the Hero’s Journey, and the stamina it requires.

If you’ve pulled the Camel card in a reading, you are likely embarking upon a metaphorical journey yourself, facing your own trials and tribulations that will test your resiliency. Remember that it is often when the Hero faces defeat, exhaustion, and disillusionment that their true gifts are discovered. You may have to dig deep and find parts of yourself that you didn’t know were there.

The Lion card from the "Oracle of Pluto" deck

Second Card (helps to understand why this aspect of your Unrecognized Self is coming forward now) – Lion: The Divine Masculine, Pride, The Father

Often referred to as the king of the animal kingdom, the Lion embodies the energy of the Divine Masculine within us.

When we speak of the Divine Masculine and Feminine through the lens of spirituality, we aren’t speaking about gender, but rather the two sides of nature that exist in all things…Masculine energy is often thought of as the active principle: the side of us that is ambitious, driven, and ready to make moves; feminine is the passive principle: open, receptive, observing. The Lion asks us about our relationship to our own masculine energy. What does this energy mean to you? What feelings arise when you read these words? Take pride in this part of you and nurture it well.

The Rabbit card from the "Oracle of Pluto" deck

Third Card (helps to understand why this aspect of your Unrecognized Self is coming forward now) – Rabbit: Fast-Paced Change, Decision Making, The Need to Act

Rabbits are notorious for being skittish. They are hypervigilant and ready to act at the slightest hint of danger. The arrival of this card means you must embody the quick-acting nature of the Rabbit now, as things are about to start changing at a fast pace.

To pull this card hails the arrival of an opportunity, to be sure, but it is a fleeting one. It is imperative both to recognize this and to act in alignment with yourself.…Tune into your gut instinct. Be ready to take action one way or another, but don’t act out of fear.

The Cardinal card from the "Oracle of Pluto" deck

Fourth Card (represents the familiar part of yourself) –  Cardinal: Angelic Presence, Love, Divinity, Empathy, Devotion, Passion

The brilliantly red Cardinal is often thought of as a harbinger of Divine messages and signals the presence of visitors from heaven.…To pull the Cardinal in a reading is a sure sign that you are watched over and protected by Divine forces and unconditional love.

Outside of their connection to higher realms of consciousness, Cardinals are often associated with love, harmony, bliss, and devotion, as these ruby red lovers mate for life. This is a call to get honest with yourself and your heart: Who and what are you devoted to right now?

The Turkey card from the "Oracle of Pluto" deck

Fifth Card (offers deeper insight into the familiar part of yourself identified in the fourth card) – Turkey: Primal Instincts, Staying Wild and Free

If Turkey energy is present, you are being called to find the value in your own wild and free spirit.

As we move through life, we are confronted with many different messages about the way we’re supposed to be. It’s very possible that we have been given conflicting messages from different people.

This card is an invitation to get back in touch with your true essence: the wild spirit that you possess inside that only wants to be free. Who are you without the weight and projections of society, other people, your family, and friends? Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Give yourself permission to just be and know that you are good enough just as you are.

The Squirrel card from the "Oracle of Pluto" deck

Sixth Card (offers deeper insight into the familiar part of yourself identified in the fourth card) – Squirrel: Work-Life Balance, Planning for the Future

The fluffy-tailed Squirrel is a busybody, constantly climbing, running around, exploring, and foraging for food. As the seasons begin to turn in the latter half of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the active Squirrel prepares for winter by burying nuts and seeds into the ground for later. Whenever Squirrel energy is present, make no mistake: you are being asked to look ahead on your journey and plan accordingly.

Depending on your personality, creating a plan may or may not feel daunting, but whatever you’re trying to accomplish requires attention to detail and great foresight.

The Turtle card from the "Oracle of Pluto" deck

Seventh Card (the intersection of these two sides of yourself, offering guidance on how to marry the two halves of your whole) – Turtle: Patience, Divine Timing

When the Turtle appears in a reading, patience and trust are required. Things are likely moving at a frustratingly glacial pace, causing both faith and patience to wear thin. However, it’s also possible that this is a test regarding trust. Whenever Divine Timing is at play, we usually don’t realize it in the moment. We are angry, dejected, frustrated, and confusedespecially if the situation is out of our control and all we can do is wait.

Trust that things will align when they are supposed to. All things have their time, including us, including this.

Crystals for the Lion’s Gate Portal

To harness the energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal, modern mystics should use every tool and token of wisdom possible, including the power of crystals. Here, we’ll walk through four crystals we recommend including in your Lion’s Gate Portal rituals courtesy of Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck: An 80-Card Deck to Charge Your Intentions from Mystic Mondays creator Grace Duong.

The Pyrite card from "Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck"

Pyrite: Luck, Prosperity, Success

The gold standard when it comes to crystals, Pyrite attracts abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Known as “fool’s gold,” Pyrite encourages you to follow your dreams and envision your desires. Manifesting powers are high when this crystal is at play. Pyrite has that spark! Literally, Pyrite can create fire when struck against another stone or metal and is believed to contain the element of fire in its core. Pyrite also acts as a powerful protector, shielding you from negativity and protecting the integrity of your aura. Strike fast and don’t look back.

The Cinnabar card from "Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck"

Cinnabar: Manifestation, Wealth, Inspiration

Known as the alchemists’ stone, Cinnabar is a crystal used to enhance metaphysical abilities, call in abundance, and manifest your heart’s desire! Cinnabar’s name originated from the Persian word meaning dragon’s blood and refers to the tiny red gems sprinkled across the stone. This crystal is powerful in enhancing your life force, giving you the stamina you need to carry out your tasks and go after the things that can feel larger than life. Cinnabar grounds and encourages you while you reach beyond what you believed was possible.

The Tiger's Eye card from "Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck"

Tiger’s Eye: Courage, Optimism, Power

A courageous and brave stone, Tiger’s Eye motivates you to show up as your best self, dispelling any fear and doubt in your path. Known as the shape-shifter, Tiger’s Eye embodies healing energies from both the Earth and the Sun, drawing optimism toward you while also grounding you in reality. Call on the warrior inside of you and pursue your ambitions with laser focus. With confidence, strength, and power, Tiger’s Eye helps break through any blockages that stand in your way. Activate the warrior inside of you!

The Sunstone card from "Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck"

Sunstone: Leadership, Confidence, Freedom

Sunstone shines bright, igniting willpower underneath the sun’s rays. A stone of leadership, Sunstone gives you the courage to step out on your own and dare to make a difference. Radiating warmth and vitality, Sunstone brings confidence to the beholder and is known to bring good luck. Fortuitous in nature, Sunstone brings out your natural talents, allowing you to shine like the star you are. Sunstone helps fulfill karmic contracts, alleviating pressures around a sense of purpose or fulfillment. Abundance will flow once you nurture your gifts.

Understanding The Power of the Lion’s Gate Portal Through Nature

Photo of "Sacred Seasons" in a nature setting, surrounded by crystals and mushrooms

While the Lion’s Gate Portal is an astrological event that has us looking up to the skies for understanding, it’s just as important to connect with the Nature that surrounds us and grounds us here on Earth. That’s why we love Sacred Seasons: Nature-Inspired Rituals, Wisdom, and Self-Care for Every Day of the Year. Written by Kirsty Gallagher, a moon mentor, soul alignment teacher, and spiritual coach, Sacred Seasons offers an abundant guide for reconnecting with Nature and its rhythms and cycles.

The Lion’s Gate Portal occurs during the Mid-summer season (July 23-August 22). Kirsty Gallagher describes Mid-summer as the season for abundance. Why abundance? Just look at the world in the peak of summerlush green grass, trees in full bloom, ripened berry bushesand you’ll see the abundance everywhere you look.

“This is the season to live life to the full, gather in and enjoy all that you have been working toward and celebrate everything that summer is bringing your way,” explains Kirsty Gallagher. “It is a season of wild abandon, for trusting and believing, just like Nature, that your every desire will be met, and life will give you all that you need.”

Ready to open yourself up to abundance? Try this simple ritual from Sacred Seasons: “Each morning, as soon as you get out of bed, open your heart and arms wide and say out loud, ‘I am open to all the love, luck, and abundance in the world.’”

Get your copy of Sacred Seasons to uncover Mid-summer rituals, plus wisdom, journal prompts, and more for each and every season.

Get To Know The Lion

Mystic Mondays creator Grace Duong shares the distinctive traits of the Lion in Mystic Mondays: The Cosmic Creatures Deck: A Deck and Guidebook to Connect to the Wilderness Within.

The Lion card from "Mystic Mondays: The Cosmic Creatures Deck"

Lion: Pride, Legacy, Courage

King of the jungle, the Lion wears its mane regally among its pride. The Lion is a natural-born leader, directing others with an authoritative ease. Inventive and perceptive, the Lion encourages you to step into a role of leadership and believe wholeheartedly in our vision. You are here to build a lasting contribution beyond your lifetime, which means that you need a strong team to help you do it. The legacy you create will take courage, willpower, and strength to get the wheels in motion, but you have all the resources in the world to do it, as you boldly set an example for others. The Lion points to the innate power you must tap into so you can maximize your efforts to the fullest. Be careful of your passion turning into anger, as this could be the quickest way to lose your devoted following. When you learn to channel that anger into constructive outlets, you will be an unstoppable force.

We hope we’ve left you with an abundance of wisdom and resources to make the most out of the Lion’s Gate portal!

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