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RP Mystic’s Guide to Taurus Season

Lifestyle photo of the "Signs & Skymates" suite. All three products are laid above cards from the "Signs & Skymates Astrological Compatibility Deck"

Taurus Season occurs usually occurs between April 20 and May 20 each year and represents the 2nd zodiac sign of the year. During Taurus season, we’re invited to experience life with our senses and reflect on what stability means for us. In her book, Signs & Skymates: The Ultimate Guide to Astrological Compatibility, author Dossé-Via Trenou writes of this zodiac sign: “As they push past their comfort zone, they break into a new consciousness, and their ability to express their sentimentality becomes abundantly clear…Taurus helps us learn to be blessed by life’s senses and pleasures, and as a result of that awareness and gratitude, everyone’s sensitivity to blessings increases.”

Here, we’ve gathered enchanting correspondences and a cleansing springtime ritual to meaningfully embrace Taurus Season.

The Astrology of Taurus

Photo of "Signs & Skymates Astrological Compatibility Deck" laid above face-up cards from the deck

Since every zodiac season presents an opportunity to dive deep within yourself, let’s start by going over the basic aspects of Taurus from Dossé-Via Trenou’s Signs & Skymates: Astrological Compatability Deck.

Planetary Ruler: Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism

“Venus guides us toward knowing how to be in a relationship with ourselves, others, animals, consciousness, our material world, and the things we may not see. It is the planet of magnetism and social connection. It helps us attract money, beauty, luxury, wealth, abundance, and, at times, frivolity, overindulgence, jealousy, possessiveness, and passion.”

Motto: Deconstruction and reconstruction are one and the same.

Photo of the Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck box and guidebook laying above cards from the deck.

Modalities and elements help us understand each sign’s behavioral energy and temperament. Taurus is known for having fixed earth-sign energy. To understand what these aspects mean for Taurus season, we turn to Grace Duong’s new Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck and Guidebook.

Taurus is a Fixed Sign

Action, Momentum, Dedication

Within each season, we move through three modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Taurus has Fixed energy, which means they stick to their values and hold strong convictions. This makes them dependable and loyal, but they can sometimes be perceived as stubborn. Fixed signs provide stability, and Taurus signs stabilize through material gains.

Taurus is an Earth Sign

Pragmatic, Grounded, Enduring

All four elements––Fire, Water, Air, and Earth––are represented in each modality. “The element can indicate the temperament and nature of the person with that sign and inform on what other zodiac signs they get along with best,” explains Grace Duong in the Astro Alignment guidebook.

The element of Earth represents Taurus. Earth signs value the tangible and prefer to feel through all five senses. “However, Earth signs are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty to achieve their goals. They have the grit and focus to skillfully manage their resources, grounding themselves in the task at hand.” Rooted in reality and practicality, Taurus signs must learn how to connect with their inner sense of security when faced with moments of uncertainty.

Explore the Tarot Card for Taurus

All zodiac signs are ruled by a tarot card from the Major Arcana. The Hierophant card is associated with Taurus season. Let’s explore the meaning of this card with Queer Tarot: An Inclusive Deck and Guidebook created by Ash + Chess.

The Hierophant card from "Queer Tarot"

The Hierophant, V


The Hierophant encourages you to look at age-old practices or seek out the advice of a leader before making your own choices. This card does not tell you to seek outdated traditions that don’t serve you, but rather to search them out and look at them with a critical eye, gleaning what you can from these timeless sources. There is always a new way to look at things, but the Hierophant is here to remind you that adhering to key principles and rules sometimes has a place as well. It’s good to be individualistic, but there is also lots to be learned from tradition––even if that custom comes from a place where you have not felt seen before, like in a church or nuclear family structure. Remember that “tradition” doesn’t always mean being stuck in the past or resistant to change, as many have felt in the queer community. Rather, it can encompass just exploring why people conform to these rules and what you can take from them. This card can also urge you to join something new, like a gym or class, and prompts you to remember that there is value in learning from others.  This card is priming you to learn a lesson from someone or something in the future and is a reminder that conventionality can sometimes have its place in leading you down the right path.

REVERSE: When the Hierophant appears in reverse, it reminds you that you are your own first teacher and guide. Understanding this gives you the ability to challenge the conventions that so often do not benefit those who are marginalized. Now is the time to move past the confines of the status quo and create your own structures and visions.

THINGS TO CONSIDER: Often, institutions reject queer people, and it’s important to trust your intuition about where you feel safe and valued (or not). However, consider what morals or lessons you can take from these experiences. We can only learn so much on our own, and sometimes it’s worth it to leave our comfort zones to seek a deeper understanding.

Tap Into Essential Oils For Taurus Season

Lean into the sensory experience of Taurus season by supplementing your self-care rituals with essential oils most beneficial during Taurus season. These recommendations are courtesy of Cerridwen Greenleaf’s Essential Oils: A Little Introduction to Their Uses and Health Benefits.

[Note: No matter how delightfully scented, please remember that you should never ingest any of these oils. Be careful when working with essential oils; use them in conjunction with carrier or base oils so that they do not irritate your skin. Even diluted, we suggest that you wear clean cotton gloves when preparing oils and do not get the oils in your eyes.]

Photo of "Essential Oils" standing on a short log surrounded by mushrooms and flowers

Oakmoss: Just like the Taurus, oakmoss has an earthy energy that can ground you and remind you of your purpose. This uplifting and inspiring essential oil can help to attract abundance.

Rose: Rose oil is mostly used as a fragrance that can relieve tension and elevate your mood. It’s also known to be useful in love spells and energy management rituals. Use it in a diffuser or a homemade room spray to engage your sense of smell in your sacred home space.

Thyme: Thyme has been valued by many ancient cultures, known for its restorative properties for those who have experienced great loss. It has protectant qualities too, making it a great option for diffusing at home.Vanilla: Vanilla has a comforting, heartening, and sweet scent. Embrace your cozy Taurean nature by diffusing vanilla to make your home feel cozy and safe while also helping to raise your personal energy level and sharpen your mental focus.

Harness The Power of Crystals for Taurus Season

Taurus season reminds you that your most loving relationship can be with yourself. Here, we suggest four crystals to promote emotional and mental clarity while keeping your meditations grounded with your body’s needs. These crystals are courtesy of The Crystal Grid Deck: An 80-Card Deck to Charge Your Intentions by Mystic Mondays creator Grace Duong.

The Rose Quartz card from "Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck"

Rose Quartz: Love, Nurture, Romance

Rose Quartz has a gentle yet powerful energy intended to nurture and protect your heart, opening you to the beauty within you. Meditate with Rose Quartz to open your heart chakra, helping to heal heartache, grief, or emotions you haven’t been able to express. Rose Quartz is great for those with Taurus placements who tend to feel with all of their senses.

The Selenite card from "Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck"

Selenite: Luminous, Cleansing, Protection

Selenite has a moonlike glow that can illuminate your spiritual truth and greater purpose. Meditate with a Selenite crystal to bring clarity to your mind, clear your energy field, and protect your aura.

The Rhodonite card from "Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck"

Rhodonite: Compassion, Yin-Yang, Fertility

Rhodonite is a stone that represents “the shared connection between all of humanity.” Rhodonite can calibrate your emotions and balance yin and yang energies. Meditating with Rhodonite can “bring light to emotional scars from the past, transforming them to foster a stable everyday life.” It helps take the blame away from the situation, making it easier for you to accept it for what it is and forgive yourself with love and compassion.

The Septarian card from "Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck"

Septarian: Direction, Fearless, Communication

Septarian, also known as the “dragon stone,” this crystal helps with confidence and self-esteem while also helping to guard your secrets and inner space. “Incredibly grounded and connected to the Earth, Septarian can…focus on listening to the body’s needs by building a strong relationship with it.” Meditate with Septarian to boost confidence and connect with what your body is trying to tell you.

A Ritual for Taurus Season

Smack dab in the middle of spring, Taurus season is a great time to have a spring cleaning ritual. While cleaning doesn’t sound magical, it can be such an empowering practice for modern mystics by transforming a mundane act into something marvelous. Here, we turn to Nikki Van De Car’s latest, Ritual: Magical Celebrations of Nature and Community from Around the World, for a spring cleaning ritual.

Photo of "Ritual" standing among flowers and crystals

What you’ll need:

A broom + dustpan
White Vinegar
Rags or towels
Any other cleaning supplies you like to use
Optional: Lemon, Tea Tree, and Mint essential oils


“Start with a sweeping spell. Work from the corners of your room, using your broom to gather dust, hair, and dirt tracked in from outside, as well as energy that has amassed, bringing it all to the center of the room. As you collect the debris into a dustpan, visualize the stagnant energy being swept up with it all…Gather what you can, and when you dispose of it, let everything go––the dirt and detritus that has amassed literally in your home and metaphorically in your life.”


Washing your windows allows us to let in light and positivity. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water to scrub away all that is literally and metaphorically blocking you. “In cleansing your space, you are cleansing yourself.”


Just as you swept your room and washed your windows, approach all of your various household chores in the same way, “using your intentions and your energy to unclog, clear, and remove everything that has grown dusty or stagnant, both within and without.”


Connect with your sense of smell to breathe deeply and feel at peace with your space by diffusing oils or making your own cleansing spray. Lemon symbolizes light and the sun, the tea tree purifies, and mint provides clarity.

Dive Deeper

Dosse-Via Trenou, author of Signs & Skymates

Dossé-Via Trenou

About the Author

Dossé-Via Trenou is a West African astrologer who has been studying the field since she was ten years old. She has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers via her platform @ScorpioMystique and on the app, KnowTheZodiac. She graduated with her Master’s degree in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a professional model, actor, and creator of Magic & Melanin, a travel agency providing immersive experiences for humans of African descent to know, explore, and invest in the Motherland. She is the author of Signs & Skymates, and this is her first book for young readers.

Catmouse James is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Madagascar with experience in graphic design. When she isn’t working, she likes petting her dogs Pluton and Bowie, traveling, discovering hidden gems in animation, and reading.

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Grace Duong

About the Author

Grace Duong is a multidisciplinary artist, author, and entrepreneur at the intersection of art, tech and metaphysics. She is the creator of Mystic Mondays and the bestselling Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck. Grace lives in Philadelphia. She can be found on Instagram here.

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Photo of author Ashley Molesso

Ashley Molesso

About the Author

Ash + Chess is a stationery & gift company run by queer and trans couple Ashley Molesso (she/her) and Chess Needham (he/him), based in Upstate New York. They create greeting cards, art prints, and more in bold, retro color palettes, often using their artwork to uplift the queer community. Their company made its debut at the National Stationery Show in May 2017, and since then over 700+ retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia sell their art and stationery. In the short time they’ve been in business, Ash + Chess have worked on many collaborations including artwork for Target, Smartfood, Skittles, Nooworks, Belletrist, Plaza Style, Brooklyn Roasting Co., Transfigure Print Co., HarperCollins, Workman Publishing, Running Press Studio, Macy’s STORY, and more. They are the authors of multiple publications, including: The Gay Agenda: A Modern Queer History & Handbook (Morrow Gift) 2020; Queer Tarot: An Inclusive Deck and Guidebook  (RP Studio) 2022; My Queer Year Guided Journal (RP Studio) 2022; ABC-Deconstructing Gender (RP Kids) 2023, The Big Book of Queer Stickers (RP Studio) 2023, and Just Like My Family (forthcoming, RP Kids) 2024.

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Cerridwen Greenleaf

About the Author

Cerridwen Greenleaf has worked with many of the leading lights of the spirituality world including Starhawk, Z Budapest, John Michael Greer, Christopher Penczak, Raymond Buckland, Luisah Teish, and many more. She teaches herbal, crystal, and candle magic workshops throughout North America. A bestselling author, Greenleaf's books include The Practical Witch's Love Spell BookThe Practical Witch's Spell Book, Moon Spell Magic, The Book of Kitchen Witchery, The Magic of Crystals and Gems, and the Witches' Spell Book series. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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Nikki Van De Car

About the Author

Nikki Van De Car is a blogger, mother, writer, crafter, and lover of all things mystical. She is the author of ten books on magic and crafting, including Practical Magic and The Junior Witch’s Handbook, and the founder of two popular knitting blogs. Nikki lives with her family in Hawaii.

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