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RP Mystic’s Guide to Cancer Season

Photo of “Signs & Skymates: The Ultimate Guide to Astrological Compatibility” laid next to a decorative white starburst above a pink and green iridescent backdrop

Cancer Season occurs usually occurs between the summer solstice (usually June 20th or 21st) and July 22nd or 23rd each year. Symbolized by the Crab, this cardinal water sign corresponds to the 4th zodiac sign of the year. During Cancer season, we’re invited to look within and harness the power of our emotions and intuition. In her book, Signs & Skymates: The Ultimate Guide to Astrological Compatibility, author Dossé-Via Trenou writes of this zodiac sign: “Their thoughts and words are spells, and they’re very much aware of it…. There is more to Cancer than their sensitivity, and those who truly get to know them will see that they’re some of the toughest, most hilarious, and most resilient skymates of the zodiac.”

Dive deeper into Cancer’s astrological pairings—from romance to friendship, and even your relationship with yourself—with the abridged paperback of  The Essential Signs & Skymates: Astrological Compatibility for Every Sign.

Here, we’ve gathered enchanting correspondences, a protection ritual, and a self-care spell to meaningfully embrace Cancer Season.

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The Astrology of Cancer

Since every zodiac season presents an opportunity to dive deep within yourself, let’s start by going over the basic aspects of Cancer from Dossé-Via Trenou’s Signs & Skymates: Astrological Compatibility Deck.

Planetary Ruler: The Moon, the Luminary of Sensitivity

The Crab’s energy is contagious—more so than any other zodiac sign’s—and that’s because they’re ruled by the Moon, the fastest-moving astrological object and luminary in our skies. And just like the Moon’s phase influences the ocean’s tides, it influences us, too, since we’re primarily made up of water. So for this Water sign to be Moon-based means they possess alchemical powers that they’re still learning how to control. They can open up floodgates and drown us all with their mere presence, which is why they’ll be in a constant battle with their own emotions until they learn to fully embrace them as part of who they are, not something that must be “managed” or subdued.

Motto: I feel everything, and that is my superpower.

Photo of the Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck box and guidebook laying above cards from the deck.

Modalities and Elements

Modalities and elements help us understand each sign’s behavioral energy and temperament. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. To understand what these aspects mean for Cancer season, we turn to Grace Duong’s Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck: A Deck and Guidebook for Celestial Connection.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign

Initiation, Spark, Vision

Within each season, we move through three modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Cancer has Cardinal energy, meaning this sign takes charge and forges new paths through devotion—to themselves, to their team, and to their loved ones. When the Sun moves into the beginning of each season, Cardinal signs kick it off with a bang, setting the tone and paving the way forward.

Cancer is a Water Sign

Refreshing, Mysterious, Fluid

All four elements—Fire, Water, Air, and Earth—are represented in each modality. The element can indicate the temperament and nature of the person with that sign and inform on what other zodiac signs they get along with best.

The element of Water represents Cancer. Water signs move with fluidity, intuition, and emotion. Deeply psychic, Water signs are connected with the divine through their imagination, channeling it through artistic endeavors. Water signs’ depth gives them powerful healing abilities, but they must discern emotional truths and be careful not to spiral down a dark hole. Once the discernment is strengthened, they can dive deeper into their emotions without getting lost.

The Chariot card from “Trickster’s Journey: A Tarot Deck and Guidebook”

Explore the Tarot Card for Cancer

All zodiac signs are ruled by a tarot card from the Major Arcana. The Chariot card is associated with Cancer. Let’s explore the meaning of this card with Trickster’s Journey: A Tarot Deck and Guidebook from fine artist Jia Sung.

VII Chariot

“To tell you the truth, even a dragon, let alone this tiger, would behave itself if it had seen me! I, old Monkey, possess the ability to subdue dragons and tame tigers, and the power to overturn rivers and stir up oceans.” —p. 311, vol. I of Anthony C. Yu’s unabridged translation of Journey to the West

Just as the tiger-rider maintains control of her wild mounts through sheer force of will, the Chariot embodies the aggressive confidence of victory over oppression. Your conviction drives you forward in your journey, just as the athlete’s single-minded focus coordinates body and mind into one unit. Ruled by Cancer, water sign of the crab.

The reversed Chariot indicates a loss of direction. Without discipline and focus, the tigers turn on bystanders and rider alike, with an aimless, pointless aggression that has no other outlet. Perhaps your ambitions outweigh your current ability: Redefine your goals so that you can feel confident in acting on them.

UPRIGHT: Control, willpower, victory, assertiveness, determination

REVERSE: Lack of control and direction, aggressiveness

ABOUT THE ART: The tiger is a motif throughout Monkey’s story, presented as a measure of prowess, power, and domination. Monkey’s signature garb, for example, includes a tiger-skin kilt, ripped from the creature with barely a fight near the beginning of their apprenticeship with Tang Sanzang. The disciple is elated at this easy victory, but the master is horrified at this display of careless violence.

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A Special Spell for Cancer Season

From Nikki Van De Car’s book The Wheel of the Year: A Guide to Sabbats, Lunar Cycles, and the Stars Above, enjoy a self-love spell perfect for nurturing the body during this zodiac season.

Sun in Cancer

When the warmth of the sun shines upon nurturing Cancer, we all have an opportunity for self-care. You may not feel like you need it right now—this is typically a time when things are going relatively well—but that is all the more reason to celebrate yourself! In fact, it can be easier to access and embrace self-love in these times, and then have a practice that you can carry with you when, inevitably, the more challenging times arise.

Suggested Spell

Create a blend of self-love bath salts by combining 3 cups of Epsom salts, ¼ cup of dried rose petals, ¼ cup of dried chamomile, and ¼ cup of dried lavender. Add 10 drops of rose essential oil, 10 drops of chamomile essential oil, and 10 drops of lavender essential oil, before mixing in ¼ cup of jojoba oil. If you’re able to immerse your entire body in a bath, add all of the mixture to the bathwater, but if not, add a quarter cup of the mixture to a footbath. Light some candles, place some rose quartz nearby, and allow yourself to relax in the gentle warmth, letting any toxins or toxic thoughts leach into the water and drain away.

Photo of “Crystals: A Little Introduction to Their Powers” standing among various crystals in front of a white and gold marbled backdrop

Harness The Power of Crystals for Cancer Season

Cancer season can have a lot of us stuck in our feelings. Here, we’ve selected our favorite crystals that can provide protection, enhance creative energy, balance one’s emotions,  and more. These crystal suggestions are courtesy of Crystals: A Little Introduction to Their Powers by Nikki Van De Car.

Develops intuition and spiritual awareness. Aids in meditation, calm, and tranquility. Relieves headaches.

Black Tourmaline
A stone of protection. Places an energetic boundary between you and the energy of those around you.

Enhances creativity and sexuality, and helps with exploring past-life experiences. Aids in digestion and soothes menstrual pain.

Soothes the emotions as well as the digestive system. Encourages peace and harmony within.

The “stone of divine creativity,” ruby inspires energy, passion, and power.

Photo of “Candle Magic” standing among various crystals and natural decor against a gold and white marbled backdrop

A Protection Ritual for Cancer Season

Cancers can be empathic creatures so a little extra protection can go a long way during this season. This ritual will keep you safe from negative energy and ill intent, courtesy of Candle Magic by Mikaila Adriance.

What you’ll need:

A black candle
A small bag or pouch (even a Ziploc bag will work, if you’re in a pinch)
Bay leaves
A pen and paper

1. Start by anointing your candle with eucalyptus or rosemary oil, if available, and cleanse it by passing it through the smoke of dragon’s blood or sandalwood incense.

2. Make a ring of salt around the candle, large enough to contain both the candle and a small bag or pouch.

3. Next up: Assemble your charm bag. You’re going to carry this around with you once the candle has burned down. Start by putting in basil, bay leaves, and cloves—it’s up to you how much you want to put in.

4. Then, write the name of whomever you would like to protect—it’s OK if it’s just your own name!—and draw a protective circle around it.

5. Fold the paper in half and place it in the charm bag.

6. Place the charm bag directly in front of the candle, inside the ring of salt, and light the candle.

7. Say the following incantation:

Protect me/us from
those who would
wish me/us harm.

Protect me/us from those
who would speak with
malice and ill will.

May I/we be safe, secure,
and happy and live a life
filled with peace.

So mote it be.

8. Once the candle has burned down, dispose of it however you please. Take the charm bag and carry it around with you for protection or leave it in a place where you feel unsafe or at risk—a car, maybe, or perhaps your desk at school or work.

Suggested Enhancements

  • Dragon’s blood or sandalwood incense
  • Eucalyptus or rosemary oil to anoint the candle
  • Black tourmaline or obsidian (place these in the pouch)

Dive Deeper

Begin or enhance your astrological practice with the offerings featured in this guide. Plus: Discover your perfect astrological mini with our post “The Zodiac Signs as RP Mystic Minis.”

Featured Titles

Dosse-Via Trenou, author of Signs & Skymates

Dossé-Via Trenou

About the Author

Dossé-Via Trenou is a West African astrologer who has been studying the field since she was ten years old. She has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers via her platform @ScorpioMystique and on the app, KnowTheZodiac. She graduated with her Master’s degree in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a professional model, actor, and creator of Magic & Melanin, a travel agency providing immersive experiences for humans of African descent to know, explore, and invest in the Motherland. She is the author of Signs & Skymates, and this is her first book for young readers.

Catmouse James is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Madagascar with experience in graphic design. When she isn’t working, she likes petting her dogs Pluton and Bowie, traveling, discovering hidden gems in animation, and reading.

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Grace Duong

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Grace Duong is a multidisciplinary artist, author, and entrepreneur at the intersection of art, tech and metaphysics. She is the creator of Mystic Mondays and the bestselling Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck. Grace lives in Philadelphia. She can be found on Instagram here.

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Photo of author Jia Sung sitting at a table with prints of art from the Trickster's Journey deck

Jia Sung

About the Author

Jia Sung is a Singaporean Chinese artist, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work spans paintings, zines & artist books, writing, translation, and tapestries, and draws on motifs from Chinese mythology, Buddhist iconography, and the familiar visual language of folklore to examine and subvert the archive through a queer feminist lens.

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Nikki Van De Car

About the Author

Nikki Van De Car is a blogger, mother, writer, crafter, and lover of all things mystical. She is the author of ten books on magic and crafting, including Practical Magic and The Junior Witch’s Handbook, and the founder of two popular knitting blogs. Nikki lives with her family in Hawaii.

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