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The Zodiac Signs as RP Mystic Minis

Photo of various RP Mystic mini book, deck, and kit offerings set on a pink and yellow iridescent backdrop

Astrology has long been a trusted guide to understanding ourselves and how we interact with the world, with each zodiac sign carrying its own unique set of traits, energies, and characteristics. So, why not harness the power of the cosmos to find the perfect RP Mini offering for you?

In this blog post, we’ll embark on an enchanting journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac, connecting each with a mystical offering that resonates with each sign. From the comfy and grounded Taurus to the free-spirited Sagittarius, we’ll explore how each zodiac sign can find a mystical match to enhance their spiritual journey. Be sure to check your sun, moon, and rising signs for a more comprehensive curation of mystical recommendations that align with you!

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Aries: Magic Crystal Ball

Product image of the "Magic Crystal Ball" box, crystal ball, and included mini book.

Since Aries can tend to be impulsive, the Magic Crystal Ball is the perfect fit to suggest a moment to pause and consider the situation before proceeding. This otherworldly instrument mirrors Aries’ ability to manifest their desires and take charge of their destiny, serving as the perfect conduit for Aries to channel their boundless energy and aspirations.

Wave your hand over the mini crystal ball and the motion-activated aura will light up and offer one of 15 mystical answers to whatever you choose to ask. The 48-page mini-book covers the ancient history of crystal gazing and crystal balls, an intro to scrying and how to do it, tips for using your ball, and how to interpret the answers you receive.

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Taurus: Himalayan Mood Lamp

Product image of the "Himalayan Mood Lamp" box, salt lamp, and included mini book

Since Tauruses are all about the cozy comfy vibes, this mini Himalayan Mood Lamp will evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation. Taurus, an earth sign, is known for its practicality and strong connection to the natural world. The Himalayan salt lamp, carved from ancient salt deposits deep within the Earth, embodies this earthly connection.

Salt lamps are known to purify the air through the natural process of ionization, aligning with Taurus’ desire for a harmonious and healthy environment.

Himalayan salt is known to harmonize, purify, and restore your home and overall well-being, providing relief from headaches, asthma, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and stress. Just by gazing into the soft warm light while in a relaxation pose, and even touching the salt lamp itself, you’ll be able to find a sense of calm and tranquility.

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Gemini: The Mystical Journaling Kit

Photo of the "Mystical Journaling Kit" box and components laid out against a marbled background

Geminis are known for their curious and adaptable nature, constantly seeking new knowledge and experiences. The Mystical Journaling Kit—curated and written by Maia Toll and illustrated by Jon Carling—encourages their inquisitiveness and versatility.

Since Geminis aren’t always in touch with their emotions, this RP Mini invites Geminis to slow down and reflect. “Consciously recording serendipities, symbolism, and synchronicities will help train your brain to notice the magic that is perpetually blooming all around you,” explains Maia Toll in the guidebook.

As changeable as the wind, Geminis can find grounding and focus through journaling and ritual, making The Mystical Journaling Kit an ideal companion to navigate their dualities and embrace their spiritual side.

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Cancer: Stone Stacking

Photo of the "Stone Stacking" box and included stones, wooden tray, and sand

The deeply emotional and watery Cancers seek solace and grounding in their surroundings, which is why Stone Stacking by Christine Kopaczewski is the perfect RP Mini for them. The act of stacking stones also mirrors their intuitive and protective nature, creating a calming and healing environment.

The ancient act of stone stacking helps in finding balance, requiring patience, focus, and stillness of mind. This creative, expressive, and persistent process is a powerful way for Cancers to connect with their inner selves while connecting with naturally grounding materials like sand and stone.

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Leo: Mini Magic Bell

Photo of the "Mini Magic Bell" box, bell, and included guidebook against a pink and yellow iridescent background

Known for their regal and charismatic personalities, the Mini Magic Bell by Astrea Taylor is the perfect match for Leos.

Bells, long revered as instruments of transformation in magical and spiritual practices, are a powerful mystical tool for spirit communication and the banishment of negative energies. The ringing of bells also serves as a way to honor ancestors, reflecting Leo’s deep respect for tradition and lineage.

Its melodious sound promotes mental clarity, aligning with Leo’s desire for mental acuity, and brings a spiritual atmosphere, enhancing their natural magnetism. By using the Mini Magic Bell at the start of meditation, yoga, or rituals, Leos can set a sacred and focused tone, clearing energetic blocks so that they can shine in all their royal glory.

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Virgo: Zodiac Embroidery

Photo of the "Zodiac Embroidery" box in front of a mini gift bag filled with tissue paper surrounded by tiny lights, against a marbled background

The Zodiac Embroidery kit by Anna Fleiss is the perfect match for a creative and detail-oriented Virgo. The ancient art of decorating fabric with needle and thread goes back as early as the third century BC in China. Virgos, known for their meticulous nature and a keen eye for perfection, will love how embroidery invites them to focus on the finer details to bring order to their surroundings. The repetitive and meditative nature of embroidery complements Virgo’s need for structure and mental clarity.

Since Virgos have a penchant for practicality, embroidery is a functional skill and creative outlet. The earthy Virgo will love channeling their practical and artistic talents into this beautiful way to connect with the cosmos.

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Libra: Mini Crystal Pendulum

Photo of the "Mini Crystal Pendulum" box and crystal standing against a pink and yellow iridescent background

The Mini Crystal Pendulum is the perfect mystical match for Libras. The balancing nature of the jadeite crystal pendulum aligns with the scales that symbolize a Libra. Libras have a deep appreciation of beauty, harmony, and balance, and the pendulum embodies these qualities. Its delicate crystal design appeals to Libra’s aesthetic sensibilities, while its metaphysical properties are known to help aid in tranquility, serenity, courage, balancing emotions, and releasing negative feelings.

The pendulum can be used for divination and decision-making, assisting Libras in their quest for fairness and sound judgment.

“Some will say it’s your higher self, others will say it’s your spirit guides, and still others will say it’s the universal mind…Whatever the case, it’s a process that can be incredibly revelatory and profound if you open yourself up to it,” explains Mikaila Adriance in the guidebook.

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Scorpio: The Night School: Moonlit Magic Deck

Photo of The Night School Moonlit Magic Deck

The Night School: Moonlit Magic Deck is the perfect match for impassioned, enigmatic, and guarded Scorpios. Their profound depth and mysterious nature align seamlessly with the mystery of the night itself. This deck, filled with bite-sized mantras, rituals, concepts, and symbols, caters to Scorpios’ hunger for knowledge and understanding of what can’t be seen.

The Moonlit Magic Deck becomes a portal to Scorpio’s inner world, a realm where they can embrace their mystery and manifest their desires with unparalleled power and insight.

“At dusk, it’s possible to step into the mystic and know the many shades of gray that make up both the universe and your own psyche,” says Maia Toll in the guidebook.

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Sagittarius: Spellwork Dice

Photo of the "Spellwork Dice" box, dice, and included guidebook standing against a dark starry backdrop

Spellwork Dice by Sophie Saint Thomas is the perfect magical companion for adventurous and free-spirited Sagittarius individuals. The four six-sided dice form the foundation for creating personalized spells, aligning perfectly with Sagittarius’ boundless curiosity and love for exploration.

The red die determines the spell’s intention, tapping into Sagittarius’ desire for personal growth and expansion, guiding them to set their sights on their goals. The orange die, representing the type of magic to be used, allows Sagittarians to blend their interest in different forms of spirituality and mysticism into their spellwork. The blue die suggests a magical tool for your spell, and the purple die offers a magical tip to keep in mind during your mystical ritual, which aligns with a Sagittarian’s never-ending desire to learn new things.

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Capricorn: The Practical Witches’ Box Set

Product image of "The Practical Witches' Box Set" showing the set case and the three mini books inside

The Practical Witches’ Box Set by Cerridwen Greenleaf is the perfect match for the ever-practical Capricorn. The box set includes three offerings—a general spellbook that acts as a practical guide to a spectrum of enchanting spells, a collection of love spells, and a wealth spellbook for prosperity and abundance—providing a practical and systematic approach to witchcraft and spirituality.

Capricorns value tradition and responsibility, and The Practical Witches’ Box Set offers them a structured and organized way to explore and practice witchcraft.

We love this bit of alchemy found in The Witches’ Wealth Spell Book: look up for luck! In medieval times, wise women taught children to watch for falling leaves. To catch a leaf in mid-air brings the best kind of luck, directly from Mother Earth. Carry it with you for protection and unseen rewards.

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Aquarius: Daily Magic

Photo of "Daily Magic" laid on a short decorative log with a crystal and flowers

Daily Magic by Maia Toll invites you to see the magic that surrounds you every day, making it the perfect fit for the independent yet often guarded Aquarius.

This mini deck invites Aquarians to spend intentional time with themselves and look inward, touching into their natural creativity. Known for their innovative and unconventional thinking, this deck offers Aquarians an opportunity to see the world from a different angle, experiment with new visualization concepts, or try new affirmations.

“There’s a diversity of thoughts, rituals, recipes, and exercises you can try as you work your way toward your own definition of magic,” explains Maia Toll. “It’s flexible enough to let you craft a practice particular to you.”

Pull a card daily as part of your morning ritual, use a card as a journal prompt, or pull a card after your evening meditations to infuse a bit of magic.

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Pisces: Tiny Palmistry

Photo of the "Tiny Palmistry" palm and included guidebook standing against a marbled background

Tiny Palmistry by Nikki Van De Car is the perfect match for the emotional, dreamy, and tender Pisces. Known for their deep connection with intuition and mysticism, palm reading is an alluring mystical act for those with Pisces placements to explore their intuitive gifts.

The included Little Book of Palmistry mini book teaches you about the major lines and mounts as well as the minor lines and markings, while the miniature porcelain palm marks the key lines and mounts to act as your guide to palm reading.

Natural dreamers, Pisces will love studying the lines and mounts of the palm to further understand themself, or even others—ideal for the naturally empathetic Pisces. Palm reading with loved ones is an intimate, and often romantic act. Light a candle and interpret each other’s palms.

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