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Explore Your Inner Cosmos with Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck

Photo of the Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck box and guidebook laying above cards from the deck.

As modern mystics, we’re all connected to the stars, the planets, the asteroids, and the moon. Look up at the sky to remember that you are a part of a vast solar system of interconnected celestial bodies.  There’s an entire universe within you!

Explore your inner universe with Grace Duong’s new Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck.

Astro Alignment allows us to understand “both the forces influencing us as individuals and the ways we can come together as inhabitants of Earth. The Astro Alignment Deck is a companion for synchronizing to your inner cosmos, moving beyond the realms of stagnation to the essential truth: we are all connected.”

Read on to discover the practice of Astro Alignment and learn how you can incorporate this deck alongside your current tarot practice and self-care rituals.

What is Astro Alignment?

Transits card from Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment DeckAstro Alignment is an opportunity to explore the cosmos within yourself through the practice of studying celestial bodies. By deepening your understanding of the zodiac signs themselves, along with planets, asteroids, lunar nodes, moon phases, and more, you’ll synchronize your inner cosmos with the universe as a whole.

About the Astro Alignment Deck and Guidebook

The Astro Alignment Deck includes 80 stunningly detailed full-color cards that feature specific aspects of astrology. Explore the deck to find cards for each zodiac sign, house, modality, planet, asteroid, and more.

The accompanying 112-page guidebook contains divine information on each one of the cards, along with suggested rituals for incorporating Astro Alignment into your daily practice.

How to Work with the Astro Alignment Deck & Guidebook

Waning Crescent card from Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment DeckAlthough the cosmos is in constant motion, there are an infinite number of ways to use the deck. Practice being present as you pull each card and let the universe reveal itself to you.

One-Card Spread

The simplest way to start working with The Astro Alignment Deck is to pull a single card each day. It’s a great way to get comfortable with the deck and learn the meaning behind each card, which is ideal for mystics who are new to the realm of astrology as well as mystics looking to deepen their understanding.

Before you pull a card, set an intention to trust that whatever card comes through is the right one for you to receive in this moment. Shuffle your deck and spread it across the surface in front of you. Consider asking yourself one of the below questions, or come up with a question that aligns with your individual practice!

1. Which Astro Alignment card has a message for me today?

2. What aspect of myself needs further exploring?

3. How can I attune myself to the energy of the cosmos?

Cardinal card from Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck

For example, you may ask yourself which Astro Alignment card has a message for you today, and pull the Cardinal modality card.

The guide explains how modalities represent the behavioral energy of the signs within each season. With three modalities––Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable––each season contains a beginning, middle, and end.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are Cardinal signs. Initiators of the Zodiac, Cardinals are known for taking charge and forging a path. Aries initiates through action, Cancer initiates through devotion, Libra initiates through partnerships, and Capricorn initiates through strategy.

If you have a Cardinal placement in your birth chart, you may reflect on how that placement shows up in your life. Whether or not a Cardinal placement appears on your birth chart, you might interpret the card as a sign to take charge or initiate something that has been on your mind recently.

Allow yourself to connect with the energy of the card and be open to learning something new about yourself and the universe!

Three-Card Spread

If you have more complex open-ended questions, a three-card spread can help you find the answers you seek. “Use these spreads to invoke the celestial intelligence of astrology,” Grace Duong explains in the Astro Alignment Deck Guidebook. “Imagine these cards connecting with each other in the vast sky like constellations do, creating patterns and providing messages as you align yourself to the Universe.”

There are endless ways to see their relationships––here are a few to consider for your three-card spread:

  • Past, Present, Future
  • Me, You, Us
  • Subconscious, Conscious, Superconscious
  • Individual, Collective, Universe
  • Desires, Challenges, Outcome
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice

Opposition card from Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck

As I write this, I felt called to pull a three-card spread that looks at the past, present, and future.

For my Past card, I pulled the aspect card for Opposition. Aspects are the angles formed between celestial bodies in your birth chart. An opposition aspect occurs when two celestial bodies are directly across from one another at a 180-degree angle. Opposition is associated with resistance, struggle, and polarity.  Looking at my own birth chart, I noticed that my Scorpio rising placement is in opposition to my Taurus moon. Consulting the Astro Alignment Deck Guidebook, I learned that the mantra for Scorpio is I desire while the mantra for Taurus is I have. While these mantras conflict with one another, the guidebook teaches me how all zodiac signs carry this polarity. Acknowledging that my inner universe can both have and desire affirms that I, like the universe, can have opposing beliefs within me.

10th House card from Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment DeckFor my Present card, I pulled the 10th House. The 10th House represents your career and calling in life. Interpreting the placements in your 10th House can help you discover the unique ways in which you will make your mark in the world. I have three Virgo placements in my 10th House. Virgos are known to be analytical, methodical, and have perfectionist tendencies. The Virgo mantra is I analyze. I interpreted this pull as a reminder to leverage my analytical mind in ways that best serve my work rather than over-analyzing the beliefs within me that conflict, which is something I have done in the past.

For my Future card, I pulled Vesta. Vesta is an asteroid known as “the goddess of the hearth and home.” Your Vesta placement can show you what you hold sacred at the core of your being. I discovered that my Vesta placement is in Cancer, which connects with my nurturing and sensitive self. I interpreted this card pull as a reminder to tend to my inner flame and find home within my beautifully sensitive self, even as my past self contains conflicting beliefs and my present self tends to analyze every situation.

What will you discover about yourself with this deck?

How To Incorporate Astro Alignment with Your Existing Oracle Practice

Vesta card from Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck“The metaphysical world is all interconnected and the Tarot and Oracle decks are meant to bring awareness for greater awareness and growth and can be used together,” explains Grace in an RP Mystic Q&A with Queer Tarot creators Ash + Chess. “They all fulfill the same purpose of attuning to your own intuition and helping others to do so.”

The Astro Alignment Deck is a lovely addition to your existing tarot/oracle practice, and there are many ways to work with it.

If you do a daily Tarot card pull, you can build on that ritual by pulling a single card from The Astro Alignment Deck. You’ll find that the questions you seek from your Tarot practice can also be answered through your Astro Alignment Deck!

Deepen Your Practice with Grace Duong’s Cosmic Creatures and Crystal Grid Decks

Photo of three Mystic Mondays decks: the Astro Alignment, Cosmic Creatures, and Crystal Grid decks.Grace Duong, creator of Mystic Mondays, has two more decks to deepen your relationship with yourself: Mystic Mondays: The Cosmic Creatures Deck and Mystic Mondays: The Crystal Grid Deck.

The beauty of Grace Duong’s decks is that they all complement one another and can be incorporated into your ongoing mystical rituals.

You can pull a one-card spread from each deck, asking what message the decks wish to communicate at the current moment. Trust your intuition and know that whatever message comes through is what is meant for you right now. Look for connections between the Crystal, Cosmic Creature, and Astro Alignment deck spreads.

Go further by building upon a three-card Astro Alignment spread with a three-card spread from each deck.

After pulling my three-card spread from The Astro Alignment Deck, I felt called to pull three-card spreads from my Crystal Grid and Cosmic Creatures decks. Here’s what I discovered just by looking at the past: from the Crystal Grid Deck, I pulled the Ametrine crystal, which encourages me to take control over my life. From the Cosmic Creatures Deck, I pulled the Dragonfly, which reminds me that I have everything at my disposal to handle whatever might come my way.

Imagine what you can uncover about yourself by incorporating all three of Grace Duong’s decks into your self-care rituals. As Grace Duong asks modern mystics, “are you a passive observer or an active participant? That is up to you.

Oh modern mystic, your universe is infinite.  Are you ready to get Astro Aligned?

Grace Duong

About the Author

Grace Duong is a multidisciplinary artist, author, and entrepreneur at the intersection of art, tech and metaphysics. She is the creator of Mystic Mondays and the bestselling Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck. Grace lives in Philadelphia. She can be found on Instagram here.

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