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Category: RP Mystic

Designed featured image reading "Introduction to Chaos Magic: An Exclusive Excerpt of How to Study Magic" over the Chapter 3 opening illustration

An Introduction to Chaos Magic: Exclusive Excerpt from How to Study Magic

RP Mystic’s exclusive excerpt of Revolutionary Witchcraft author Sarah Lyons’ forthcoming How To Study Magic: A Guide to History, Lore, and Building Your Own Practice features an introduction to Chaos…

Designed image reading "13 Magical Gifts for New Witches"

13 Magical Gifts for New Witches

Spell books, tarot cards, divination tools, mystical puzzles, and more! Here are our offerings to get you started on your magical path.

Featured image for RP Mystic blog post "Life Seasons That Impact Compatibility: Excerpt from Signs & Skymates"

Important Life Seasons That Impact Our Compatibility with Ourselves and Others

Our seasonal compatibility with life is based on the luminaries and the astrological seasons marked by the transit of the Sun through the twelve zodiac signs, as well as the…

The RP Mystic Guide to Mabon

Mabon is the eighth spoke along the Wheel of the Year. Celebrated on the autumn equinox, Mabon is a minor sabbat that honors nature for another bountiful harvest (the other…

Designed featured image for RP Mystic blog post "Meet the Author: Jordannah Elizabeth, Interviewed by Nyasha Williams"

Meet the Author: Jordannah Elizabeth of Astrology for Black Girls, Interviewed by Nyasha Williams of Black Tarot

Learn more about Astrology for Black Girls author, Jordannah Elizabeth, interviewed by Nyasha Williams of Black Tarot and Ancestral Illumination.

Designed Image using an illustration of Pixie standing next to a lion, from Cat Willett's "The Queen of Wands" reading "THE QUEEN OF WANDS Exclusive Excerpt"

Exclusive Excerpt: The Queen of Wands: The Story of Pamela Colman Smith

Learn about the visionary artist behind the iconic Rider-Waite-Smith deck, Pamela Colman Smith, in this exclusive excerpt of Cat Willett’s The Queen of Wands.

Drink Recipes for Your Lammas Day Feast

Prepare for your Lammas ceremony with a sneak peek of love potions and spells from Nikki Van de Car’s forthcoming Potions!

Celebrate the Magic of Pride with Ash + Chess + Exclusive Giveaway

Celebrate the magic of Pride with an exclusive Q+A with Ash + Chess, the authors of Queer Tarot and My Queer Year!

Celebrating Litha by Nikki Van De Car

Featured image for RP Mystic blog post "Signs & Skymates' Gemini & Skymates Instroduction: Exclusive Excerpt"

Signs & Skymates’ Gemini & Skymates Introduction – Exclusive Excerpt

Celebrate Gemini season with this exclusive excerpt from Signs & Skymates!

The Night School’s New Student Orientation

Enchanting Beltane Rituals for New Witches

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