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An Introduction to Magic

A Guide to Crystals, Fairies, Palmistry, Tarot, and the Zodiac

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By Nikki Van De Car

By Mikaila Adriance

By Pliny T. Young

By Eugene Fletcher

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Begin your magical practice with this beautifully illustrated introduction to crystals, the zodiac, tarot, palmistry, and fairies. 

Start an exploration of some of the most popular mystical topics with An Introduction to Magic! This accessible primer brings together everything you need to know to begin a magical practice, with chapters on crystals, astrology, tarot, palm reading, and fairies from around the world. Learn the meaning and healing properties of the most common magic crystals; the basics of the zodiac signs; the meaning of the Major and Minor Arcana of the tarot; how to conduct a palm reading; and the stories behind popular global fairies. Each chapter is written by a seasoned expert and features stunning illustrations tailored to the topic, to enhance your reading experience.

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Jul 16, 2024
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184 pages
Running Press

Nikki Van De Car

About the Author

Nikki Van De Car is a blogger, mother, writer, crafter, and lover of all things mystical. She is the author of ten books on magic and crafting, including Practical Magic and The Junior Witch’s Handbook, and the founder of two popular knitting blogs. Nikki lives with her family in Hawaii.

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Mikaila Adriance

About the Author

Mikaila Adriance is a mystic, freelance editor, and writer based in New York City.

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