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Badass Bonita

Break the Silence, Become a Revolution, Unearth Your Inner Guerrera

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By Kim Guerra

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From the creator of Brown Badass Bonita comes a “powerful and necessary guide toward self-discovery and metamorphosis” (Dr. Mariel Buqué) that can help transform not only your life but the lives of everyone in your community.
Almost every Latina has heard the phrase calladita te ves más bonita—you look most beautiful when you are silent. It's a message rooted in machismo passed from generation to generation, and one that poet and Latine therapist, Kim Guerra, grew up on.

In Badass Bonita, Guerra tells a story of coming into her own power, and guides readers through the process of finding their own. Rejecting what she was taught as a girl, she learned to use her voice and the more she listened to that inner niña, the more she unearthed her inner guerrera. Vowing never to be calladita again, she now teaches Latine women to find their voices, healing the stories and emotional wounds that have kept them silent.
Tackling tough conversations around machismo, mental health, trauma, and intersectional identities, Badass Bonita is a guide that will help readers:
  • Understand underlying sources of wounds and trauma,
  • Shift from self‑silencing and into revolutionary self‑love,
  • Build confidence and bring positive change to relationships, family and community.
Lyrical and accessible, written in Kim’s signature poetic, Spanglish style, Badass Bonita is perfect for readers of My Grandmother's Hands and Este dolor no es mío, — for mothers, daughters, therapists, and mujeres poderosas everywhere ready find their wings.

  • “In weaving together generations of resilience and wisdom, together with her clinical mind, Kim Guerra offers a powerful and necessary guide toward self-discovery and metamorphosis. This is a transformational roadmap toward an inner revolution that can start with one courageous mariposa, but can ripple out into many generations of butterflies to come. It's a true masterpiece!”

    Dr. Mariel Buqué, CEO of Break the Cycle Trauma Center, and bestselling author of Break the Cycle
  • “Kim Guerra’s invites us as her readers to look within, heal our wounds and unapologetically LOVE ourselves!

    This book is a celebration for every person—who has ever felt unseen or oppressed—and is finally ready to own their light and fly like a mariposa!"

    Davina Ferreira, Founder/ Alegria Media and Publishing
  • "Badass Bonita is a powerful call to action for every woman told to stay quiet and look pretty. I've experienced and seen firsthand how the phrase 'calladita te ves más bonita' can silence and diminish our Latina community. Kim Guerra's book resonated with me deeply; her words are not only poetic but incredibly moving and inspiring. This book is a gift—a roadmap for every Latina to find her voice, harness her power, and never be 'calladita' again. Kim Guerra is a true force, and her words will inspire generations. A must-read!”

    Ana Flores, Founder and co-CEO of WE ALL GROW LATINA
  • “Kim Guerra's work embodies the guerrera spirit and the transformative power of la mariposa so it's no coincidence that she's reminding all Latinas that we have a warrior within us and embracing that can lead us all to find our wings. Badass Bonita fiercely reminds us that life is about thriving not just surviving and that harnessing our poder is crucial to speaking up against institutional systems of oppression that are so ingrained in us and our community when in fact we are worthy of liberation. From homophobia to systemic racism to marianismo among others, Kim adeptly tackles these hard and stigmatized topics while at the same time reminding us that we are calladitas no more and that the revolution begins with us and the wings we didn't know we had were in us all along forged by the generations of women who came before us. Loving ourselves is loving them and our liberation is also theirs and this book is a beautiful and empowering reminder of that.”

    Virginia Isaad, managing editor,

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Sep 17, 2024
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Kim Guerra

About the Author

Kim Guerra, MFT is a writer, advocate and entrepreneur and creator of Brown Badass Bonita, a brand movement that she considers to be a work of self love and love for her community. She received the 'Agent of Change' award from Univision's Premios Juventud and has been recognized by Oprah, People, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Univision, Televisa, Remezela, R29Somos, and more. She continues to use her voice and platform to advocate for the immigrant LGBTQ+, BIPOC, survivors, mujeres, and oppressed communities. She has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Antioch University, Seattle. 

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