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The Third Perspective

Brave Expression in the Age of Intolerance


By Africa Brooke

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In our deeply divided, binary world, honest discussion is stressful for all sides. International thought leader Africa Brooke says there is another way: the Third Perspective. 

In this manifesto, Africa teaches us how to return to critical thinking and reduce societal divides by opening our minds and being more self-questioning in difficult discussions. This book will help you figure out what you truly believe—as opposed to parroting or having knee-jerk reactions in conversation. You’ll learn to share your views, hear theirs, make a point you feel must be made, and try to find common ground without self-censorship or self-sabotage.

This personal guide helps readers move away from rigid thinking, allowing them to enter any potentially difficult discussion about politics, work, personal responsibility, race, sex, gender, religion — whatever the subject — while maintaining integrity, authenticity, and openness, and successfully expressing opinions while listening to contrary points of view. 

Africa has built a successful business coaching an exclusive roster of high-profile clients seeking to handle themselves in the public eye. The tools offered in The Third Perspective have been honed over years of that experience: hers is a proven system that works. She offers readers a new path for communication, and because communication is everything, critical to building trust and fruitful relationships, a life transforming experience.  

Africa Brooke’s framework has three pillars—Awareness, Responsibility, and Expression—that ask: what is stopping you from speaking your mind, what do you stand for, what are you willing to risk?

  • "Africa Brooke is a gifted thought leader who offers the medicine much needed in our culture today. She breaks down concepts quickly and eloquently and empowers people to understand their self-censoring habits. With Africa's graceful guidance, we can all learn to own our voice, speak our minds, and to become an authentic version of ourselves."
    Nicole LePera, international bestselling author of How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal From Your Past and Create Yourself
  • "Africa Brooke is one of the sharpest thinkers on contemporary culture and uses clear-headed compassion and insight to make convincing arguments. She is a thought stimulator of the highest order. A true rising star and a voice that demands attention."
    Matt Haig, international bestselling author The Midnight Library
  • "Africa Brooke is a salve of common sense and compassion—a bridge, a way forward, a healer in this increasingly tribalistic and divided world in which so many of us cling to our beliefs over our shared humanity. She is absolutely singular; we need her, we need this book."
    Holly Whitaker, New York Times bestselling author of Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice Not to Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol
  • “Africa’s approach to common and complex issues is unique, enlightening, and refreshing. She has found a way to see many points of view and perspectives, and use them as a foundation of strength, character, and kindness.”
    Mo Gawdat, author of Scary Smart and Solve for Happy
  • “Challenging, unapologetically honest, and immeasurably wise. Africa is the brave necessary modern antidote, for the unfortunate modern challenges our society faces.”
    Steven Bartlett, author of The Diary of a CEO
  • "When Africa speaks, I sit up. When she writes, I lean in. She possesses an inimitable voice and a way of communicating that's both accessible yet challenging, humble yet fierce. She’s willing to go places most can’t or won’t go, and does so with grace and compassion, inviting others to join her, as a true teacher and leader. I have no doubt she’s going to change the world; she already is."
    Laura McKowen, bestselling author of We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life
  • "Africa Brooke has been of incalculable help to me. Her work, which she so generously offers to all, has made me a more effective communicator. Africa has helped me gain faith and courage in my own thoughts and the voice that expresses them."
    Michael Imperioli, actor and New York Times bestselling author of Woke Up This Morning
  • "She discusses the importance of standing one’s ground and taking responsibility for actions, opinions, and behaviors amid phenomenon like cancel culture and online mob mentalities. The harmony achieved through speaking your mind and active listening is precarious, she writes, but it is achievable with mindfulness and practicing the situational exercises she presents throughout the guidebook. ... Empowering self-improvement guidance geared toward active seekers."
    Kirkus Reviews

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May 14, 2024
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Africa Brooke

About the Author

Africa Brooke is a Zimbabwean born, internationally recognised consultant, accredited coach, speaker, and podcaster. A seasoned entrepreneur – she’s the Founder and CEO of Africa Brooke International, a consulting and coaching firm providing ongoing support for public figures, teams, and individuals struggling with personal and professional manifestations of self-sabotage and self-censorship. These clients, who are often high-profile individuals, are closely supported using the tools described in The Third Perspective.
Alongside hosting a weekly personal development and philosophy podcast (Beyond the Self) which has amassed over 600,000 downloads to date, she has a highly engaged following of more than 350,000 people, across all digital platforms (mostly Instagram). Africa is widely known for publishing a viral 4000-word open letter in January 2021 titled ‘Why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness’. Although initially sent to a modest email list, the positively received letter has now been read and shared organically by more than 14 million people globally.
As a professional public speaker, she’s been a featured guest on ITV, BBC Radio One, BBC Radio 4, BBC Sounds, and has delivered one of her signature keynotes at the prestigious Cambridge University. She’s written for mainstream publications such as The Guardian and has also appeared on a plethora of notable podcasts including Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO, Almost 30, The Jordan B Peterson Podcast (16 million combined social media followers), Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete, The Coleman Hughes Podcast, Dhru Purohit Podcast, and The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet.

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