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Free Yourself from Addiction Forever

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By Adi Jaffe, PhD

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Learn to identify the "hooks" that trigger your compulsive bad habits, and how to systematically replace those habits with constructive ones.
As a young man, Dr. Adi Jaffe’s own battle with addiction nearly landed him a decades-long prison sentence. Now, his revelatory addiction treatment protocol has helped thousands to free themselves from the addictive habits that cause negative consequences. The key? Identifying the sources—the “hooks”—that catalyze these habits. Using Dr. Jaffe's Explore / Accept / Transform model, you will discover your own personal triggers, stepping through your patterned perceptions and responses, for a new way to cope with the factors that drive your addictions. Dr. Jaffe’s shame-free, step-by-step program helps you address what's driving your addiction by:
  • Identifying the “hooks” that drive your behavior
  • Building awareness of when these hooks are activated
  • Unpacking your go-to, habitual responses 
  • Creating new, healthier patterns and ways of reacting
Most of us are affected by addiction in one way or another. The Unhooked Method destigmatizes addiction, addresses trauma, depression, and lack of purpose, and uses habit change knowledge and tools to help you to unhook for an addiction-free life.

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Jan 7, 2025
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304 pages
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Adi Jaffe, PhD

About the Author

Adi Jaffe, PhD, is a nationally recognized expert on mental health, addiction, relationships, and shame. Formerly a lecturer in the UCLA Psychology department and the executive director and cofounder of one of the most progressive mental health treatment facilities in the country, he is the founder of IGNTD Recovery. Dr. Jaffe attended UCLA, graduating with a BA and a PhD in psychology. Using both his personal experience and his research and work with clients, Dr. Jaffe now writes for Psychology Today, and has been featured in CNN, The Huffington Post, Insider, and the Los Angeles Times, among many other outlets. Dr. Jaffe lives with his family in Southern California.

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