Rituals for Your New Moon Ceremony

The New Moon is the beginning of a lunar cycle, when the moon is at its darkest and unseen in the sky. It’s a perfect time to consider personal beginnings, from developing new habits to planning new projects! Harness the power of lunar magic with our guide to your next new moon ritual.


Set an Intention

The foundation of any new moon ritual is intention-setting. As Ezzie Spencer, PhD writes in the Lunar Abundance: Reflective Journal, “Even before the first sliver of moonlight is visible in the sky, the night energy feels potent and palpable. The reason we set intentions at the New Moon is because this is the start of the Moon cycle, and the start is the perfect time for setting authentic, delicious intentions.”

You can cultivate Lunar Abundance by setting intentions during an Intention-Setting Ceremony. These principles are adapted from Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon by Ezzie Spencer, PhD:



Lifestyle photo of "Lunar Abundance" by Ezzie Spencer, Ph.D.

Setting Intentions

Creating a better life starts with being intentional about the life that you want to create. To be clear: it starts here, but there is more to travel. In future Moon phases we focus on taking more focused, external action; in this dark Moon phase, the action that we take is to hone our sense of direction, and set an intention.

The Moon represents the feelings, so here we focus on how we want to feel. Feeling what we want to feel now will help guide us toward intentionally crafting the life that we want to lead. In fact, it can be incredibly helpful to speed up the journey, to close the gap between where we are now and where we want to be.



Why Set Intentions at the New Moon?

In a state of constant movement and change, the Moon offers us the potential for change. The Moon has long been associated with fertility, creation, planting, and nourishing and nurturing seeds. The relationship with the Moon and agriculture goes way back, and many cultures garden by the Moon today. Here we find the genesis of the notion of aligning with the Moon cycle for creative purposes—the idea of growing a seed planted in fertile soil speaks eloquently to our capacity for growth and creativity.

Of course, you can set intentions whenever you like. In this lunar practice, we set intentions at the New Moon, seeding them at the first phase in the cycle to harvest them later in the cycle at the Full Moon, or in future Moon cycles (depending on your intention, and what action you take to bring this into form).



Intention-Setting Ceremony

If you are new to working with the Moon, you may wish to spend your first New Moon just in a feeling ceremony. You could also carry on your intention-setting process after an intention-setting ceremony.

Feel the physical sensations in your body.

If this is your first time setting an intention, you may wish to review … the gaps between where you currently are in life and where you would like to be.

By tuning into your feelings, direct your attention to the part of your body that feels warm and tingly.

You may want to bow your head to your heart and simply ask the question, “What is my intention?”

Or you may wish to dance.

Or you may wish to go on a walk or a swim.

You may wish to ask for inspiration, pull a book from a shelf, and open it at random to see what leaps out.

Or you may wish to even set an intention to know your intention!



Brew a Potion for Intuition

Not sure where to begin with your intention-setting? Try Practical Magic author Nikki Van de Car’s Intuitive Calendula Shrub potion from her latest book, Potions: A Guide to Cocktails, Tinctures, Tisanes, and Other Witchy Concoctions to cultivate positivity and intuition:


Intuitive Calendula Shrub

The bright orange globes of calendula (also known as marigold) follow the sun as it moves across the sky. Allow these little flower-suns to help you see the light even in the darkest moments, bringing posi­tivity and insight.

Interior spread from "Potions" by Nikki Van de Car showing an illustration of four bottles of potions to enhance inuition

1 lime, thinly sliced

¼ cup sugar

¼ cup white wine vinegar

2 tablespoons dried calendula


Slice one lime thinly, then place the slices in a jar. Sprinkle the sugar over them, then close the jar and shake it, coating each lime slice with sugar. Set the jar to rest on a counter. Surround it with your crystals for intuition, placing them in a grid so that their energies can come into vibration with one another. After an hour, add the quarter cup of white wine vinegar and the dried calendula.

Let your potion rest for three days and three nights, giving it a swirl from time to time, and reset­ting your crystal grid as need be. On the morning of the fourth day, strain out the liquid, and it’s ready for your use.



Create a New Moon Floral Protection Charm

Another great way to harness the motivational power of new beginnings is to create a protection charm! Author Cerridwen Greenleaf shares this ritual in her book The Practical Witch’s Spell Book for Love, Happiness, and Success:


Lifestyle photo of "The Practical Witch's Spell Book" by Cerridwen Greenleaf

This flower-infused potpourri is great for clearing the way for anything new in your life and planting spiritual seeds for new moon beginnings. You can also create a wreath with dried lavender, sage, and some garlic bulbs for self-protection and assurance that your newly laid plans won’t go awry. You’ll need the following fresh flowers for the floral protection potpourri: carnation, cyclamen, marigold, rose, and snapdragon.

Place the flower petals in a bowl, and then sprinkle them with a few drops of geranium, clove, and cinnamon oil. Place the mixture on the south point of your altar for the duration of a full lunar cycle, from new moon to new moon. You can “refresh” this guardian from the garden with a few drops of the aforementioned oils. After a few more moon cycles, you can sprinkle the flower petals in your yard or garden, where their energy will continue to protect you and your loved ones.



Work With Your Chakras

The New Moon is a wonderful time to tune in to your solar plexus and heart chakras, which are responsible for motivation and inner balance. Nikki Van de Car shares these tips in her mini book Chakras: A Little Introduction to the Seven Energy Centers:


Lifestyle photo of "Chakras" by Nikki Van de Car


The solar plexus chakra is located right behind the navel, near the adrenal glands and the endocrine system. Manipura is the chakra of personal power, our sense of self, and our inner strength. It is where we find the source of our willpower, the drive that keeps us going even when things get hard. A balanced solar plexus chakra means that you are assertive without being arrogant, confident in your own abilities and value. An underactive solar plexus chakra can cause you to be overly meek and self-critical, while an overactive solar plexus chakra can cause you to be pushy, demanding, or even self-absorbed. Physical manifestations of imbalance include high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and stomach ulcers.


COLOR: yellow

ESSENTIAL OILS: chamomile, lemon


CRYSTALS: tiger’s eye, pyrite, yellow jasper, peridot, mookaite

YOGA POSES: Marjaryasana/Bitilasana (cat/cow pose), Phalakasana (plank pose), Navasana (boat pose)




The heart chakra is, of course, seated at the heart, but also at the lungs, so it is more at your heart center, just above your breast. This central chakra is responsible for maintaining the balance between the other six—which makes sense when you think about it! How else can we maintain balance but with love? Filial love, spiritual love, romantic love, self-love, kindness, compassion, respect . . . all of these forms of love are what keep us, and the world, moving. The heart chakra helps us know that we are not alone, that we love and are loved. When Anahata is blocked, we cannot feel the love that surrounds us, and we cannot demonstrate it to others. And when it is overactive, we can have trouble maintaining our boundaries, giving when we need to protect ourselves. Physical manifestations of imbalance include asthma or even heart disease, as well as shoulder and upper back pain.


COLOR: green

ESSENTIAL OILS: rose, bergamot


CRYSTALS: rose quartz, morganite, malachite, emerald, rhodonite

YOGA POSES: Salamba Bhujangasana (sphinx pose), Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Ustrasana (camel pose)



Harness the Power of Crystals

How exactly do those crystals balance the chakras? Nikki has all the answers in the mini book Crystals: A Little Introduction to Their Powers:


Lifestyle photo of "Crystals" by Nikki Van de Car

Clear Quartz:  A stone of healing, it channels power and amplifies universal energy. This stone can be programmed to whatever use you require.

Emerald: The “stone of successful love,” emerald encourages you to give and receive love.

Peridot: Used since ancient times as a symbol of the sun, it invites energy, positivity, and light.

Rose Quartz: A stone of love, not just romantic love, but familial and brotherly love as well. Nurturing and comforting, this stone dissipates anger.

Tiger’s Eye: A stone of stability, it enhances personal power and integrity.



Add Essential Oils

Finally, you can use essential oils in your spell work to cleanse and purify your environment as you embark on your new beginning! These suggestions come courtesy of Cerridwen Greenleaf’s Essential Oils: A Little Introduction to Their Uses and Health Benefits.

Lifestyle photo of "Essential Oils" by Cerridwen Greenleaf

Bergamot: Bergamot’s origins can be traced to Southeast Asia, where it was prized for its spicy and floral scent. Bergamot oil is most often used to lift your mood and alleviate stress; it’s like liquid sunshine. Send anxiety packing with bergamot essential oil; also exceptional for house magic.

Clary Sage: When applied topically, clary sage oil stimulates the skin and circulation while it soothes the mind. It has a distinctly earthy aroma, is a natural antidepressant, and, as the name hints, brings clarity and wisdom. Clary sage also alleviates insomnia, apprehension, and bad dreams.

Lemon Balm: A sweet and lemony essential oil that is ideal for boosting the immune system and calming emotional distress. Because of its herbal undertones, this cold-pressed oil also helps alleviate grief, loss, and sadness; it is truly a balm for many ills.

Rose: A favorite because of its perfumed scent, rose oil is distilled from rose petals and used primarily as a fragrance. Originating in the southern Andes, rose oil brings youthfulness, enhances self-esteem, aids circulation, and relieves tension. It’s great for nourishing and hydrating the skin, and will envelope you in a delightful and mood-elevating aroma. It’s also very useful in love spells and in energy management.

Tangerine: Has a very bright aroma that is wonderfully rejuvenating and stimulates mental clarity. Tangerine essential oil will bring a happy heart and a clear mind. It can also be used to support the immune system and boost your mood at the same time.

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Ezzie Spencer, PhD

About the Author

Ezzie Spencer is the author of Lunar Abundance and Lunar Abundance Reflective Journal. She trained as a human rights lawyer and holds a Ph.D in therapeutic jurisprudence. In the past decade, she has created a body of work on the themes of Personal Power, Self-Love, and Inner Peace—with a touch of magic. As the creator of Lunar Abundance—a lunar-inspired, holistic self-care practice—and in her relationships coaching program based on positive psychology, re.love., and her healing modality, the Splinter Method, Ezzie works with a vast community of people around the world to cultivate self-worth, creativity, and confidence.

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Cerridwen Greenleaf

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Cerridwen Greenleaf has worked with many of the leading lights of the spirituality world including Starhawk, Z Budapest, John Michael Greer, Christopher Penczak, Raymond Buckland, Luisah Teish, and many more. She teaches herbal, crystal, and candle magic workshops throughout North America. A bestselling author, Greenleaf's books include The Practical Witch's Love Spell BookThe Practical Witch's Spell Book, Moon Spell Magic, The Book of Kitchen Witchery, The Magic of Crystals and Gems, and the Witches' Spell Book series. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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