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RP Mystic’s Guide to Capricorn Season

Lifestyle photo of the "Signs & Skymates" suite. All three products are laid above cards from the "Signs & Skymates Astrological Compatibility Deck"Capricorn Season occurs usually occurs between December 21 and January 19 each year and represents the tenth zodiac sign of the year. It is the time of the year for accountability: initiate and complete. In her book, Signs & Skymates: The Ultimate Guide to Astrological Compatibility, author Dossé-Via Trenou writes of this zodiac sign: “Capricorns remind us that with enough persistence and patience, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Ruled by Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, and symbolized by the Goat, who slowly but surely makes it way to the top of the mountain, no zodiac sign has as much perseverance and ambition as a Capricorn – not even Scorpio.”

Here, we’ve gathered enchanting correspondences, dreamy spells, and empowering rituals for an ambitious Capricorn Season.


Get to Know the Capricorn Goat

To learn more about this zodiac sign, let’s explore the Goat, just one of the animals that embodies the spirit of Capricorn, courtesy of The Chinese Zodiac: And Other Paths to Luck, Riches & Prosperity by Aaron Hwang, illustrated by Li Zhang.

Lifestyle photo of the "Chinese Zodiac" suitePRIMARY ASSOCIATIONS: community, nurture, artistry, sacrifice, family
SEASON: late summer
YEARS: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039

Eighth animal of the Zodiac, the Goat’s native element is Yin Earth. Like the other Earth signs, the Goat represents a transitional time between seasons, as summer gives way to autumn. While the Ox demonstrates the stability and constancy of Yin Earth, the Goat presents its supportive, nurturing, and ultimately balancing qualities. The Goat’s hours are from one to three p.m., a time to step back and assess our days, to recover from the energetic push of Horse. It is a time for togetherness, appreciation, contemplation, and siesta.

Goats are the sign perhaps most defined by a social nature. This doesn’t necessarily make them extroverts—in fact, they are often shy, preferring to be part of a crowd rather than the center of attention. But whether they love huge and exciting gatherings, or prefer the company of one or two close friends, Goats are interested in people. They attempt to keep the peace and are attentive to the needs of others. They know hurts and joys are shared among friends, and so they are willing to sacrifice their own needs for the needs of others.

These attributes also make the Goat the Zodiac animal of family. Whether these families are nuclear or unconventional, found families or families of blood, Goats prefer playing nurturing, protecting, and harmonizing roles. They hope to form bonds that are lasting and meaningful, but unlike the Ox, they are not satisfied with mere endurance; they aspire to improve the social systems they become part of from within. They inspire change gently and naturally, planting roots that are subtle but deep. They enjoy showering both others and themselves with luxury, sometimes beyond their means.


Explore the Tarot Card for Capricorn

All zodiac signs are ruled by a tarot card from the Major Arcana. The tarot card associated with Capricorn season is the Devil card. Let’s take a close look at this card from Queer Tarot: An Inclusive Deck and Guidebook created by Ash + Chess.


The tarot card, "The Devil," from Queer Tarot.

The Devil, XV

This card may appear threatening, but it is here to show you that you need to be completely honest with yourself. It’s pointing out your true shadow—the forces or ideas that hold you back. What is it that’s inhibiting you? The Devil often shows dependency on something, be it another person, a substance, materialism, habits, or your own mind. Often the Devil shows up to remind you that you have control over yourself. You can break free of a negative pattern in your life. You must identify it honestly and be real about how it’s hindering you. Of course, this isn’t an immediate fix—change will take time, and the Devil reminds you to overcome whatever is holding you back step-by-step, giving yourself permission to fail and try again. In order to break free from the pattern that is holding you down, you must accept it as a problem first.

REVERSE: You are breaking free of your bonds! Unhealthy attachments to people, substances, habits, etc., are being released! Or, at the very least, you are in a mental space to see these toxic patterns as an issue and are ready to work on them. It seems you are in a headspace to dig into your repressed and neglected side that may have led to unhealthy patterns. This is a good time to seek out community and/or a therapist for support to help you through this process.

THINGS TO CONSIDER: Is it hard to be honest with yourself when coming to terms with codependency? Why? Write a list of things that may be unhealthy for your personal growth. Trust your gut, even if the truth is scary to confront.


The Astrology of Capricorn

If you’re curious what modern mystics mean when they mention phrases like “mutual-air sign” or “fixed-fire sign” energy, the new Mystic Mondays: The Astro Alignment Deck and Guidebook from Mystic Mondays creator Grace Doung can guide you. Here, learn more about the modality and element that make up Capricorn.

In the guidebook for the Astro Alignment Deck, Grace writes, “Modalities represent the behavioral energy of the zodiac signs within each season. There are three—Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Each season contains all three modalities, embodying the rhythm and flow of the season itself. Think of modalities like a three-act play, with each season containing a beginning, middle, and end. Modalities are sometimes known as quadruplicities, indicating groups of four because there are four zodiac signs for each modality. All of the elements are also represented in each modality, with a Fire, Water, Air, and Earth sign in each group.”

Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign
Initiation, Spark, Vision
The initiators of the Zodiac, Cardinal signs take charge and forge a path. When the Sun moves into the beginning of each season, these signs kick it off with a bang setting the tone and paving the way forward. Natural leaders, Cardinal signs like to be the first, a ranking that comes from naturally within.
Here, Grace explains how elements impact the astrological design of the zodiac: “In Western astrology, every zodiac sign is assigned to one of the four elements—Fire, Earth, Air, and Water—with three zodiac signs under each element. The element can indicate the temperament and nature of the person with that sign and inform on what other zodiac signs they get along with best.”

Capricorn is an Earth Sign
Pragmatic, Grounded, Enduring
Rooted in reality, Earth signs bring pragmatism, tenacity, and stability. They value what is tangible and feeling through all five senses, indulging in their sensuality and attachment to pleasure as they tend to enjoy the finer things in life. However, Earth signs are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty to achieve their goals. They have the grit and focus to skillfully manage their resources, grounding themselves in the task at hand. Earth signs must learn to access their inner sense of security when faced with uncertainty. Internal reflects external, and once that strength is tapped from within, it can be manifested outward.


A Cozy Potion + Ritual for Capricorn Season

As Nikki Van De Car writes in Potions: A Guide to Cocktails, Tinctures, Tisanes, and Other Witchy Concoctions, “A potion is about intention – just as all magic is. When you imbue your ingredient with meaning and focus your will on a desired outcome, you are working magic, and you are brewing a potion. Your personal power is what brings forth that magic.” Here, we offer a warming tisane and accompanying ritual to help you tap into the courageous and protective energies of Capricorn season from Potions.

Empowering Tisane illustration from PotionsEmpowering Tisane
This tisane uses different spices, but the basic process is inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic masala chai. As such, it brews a lot of tea, much more than a single batch, but you can pop it in the fridge to enjoy as iced or hot tea as desired. It brings a different flavor of courage, with the fennel providing a grounding base, the mint and ginger imparting energy, thyme and caraway offering their innate courage, and parsley giving you its protection.

2 teaspoons whole fennel seeds
2 teaspoons dried mint
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon caraway seeds
1 teaspoon dried parsley
2 inches fresh ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
3 bags green tea
Milk and honey (optional)

Using a mortar and pestle, grind the first five ingredients to a broken gravel. Place the mixture in a pot, and add the remaining ingredients, plus 3 cups of water. Bring to a boil, and then turn off the heat, letting the mixture steep for 10-15 minutes, then strain.
This tea will be spicy and sharp. If you like, you can add milk and honey, as with chai, but consider trying it without. Inhale its bright, spicy fragrance. Take a sip, and hold it in your mouth for a moment (after checking to make sure it isn’t too hot!). Feel its heat in your mouth, and then swallow it down, sensing the warmth of the tea as it drops down your throat, until it settles down comfortably in your belly.
You already have the fire within you. Let the heat of the tea stoke your inner flame, expanding it and bringing it into your awareness.


Ritual for Courage

As Nikki Van De Car also explains in Potions, there are moments when we just don’t have time for an elaborate ritual. When you’re just about to head into a meeting to ask for a raise, you don’t necessarily have the time—or the privacy—to etch a sigil into a candle or put together a charm bag. But just because a ritual is simple and straightforward doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful.

A lifestyle image of Potions, with Nikki's other books in the background.

Sometimes, we are all we need.

When you want to find that strength within yourself, seek out a quiet space. Close your office door, your bedroom door, or even go outside. All you need is a few moments. Stand with your feet pressed together, your shoulders back, and your arms at your sides. If you practice yoga, you’ll recognize this as Mountain Pose or Tadasana.

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re standing on a flat pillar in the middle of an ocean. There is no land in sight. The pillar isn’t much larger than your feet, which you plant firmly into it. Your chin is lifted, and you don’t look down. Waves crash against the pillar, making it rock, but you do not falter. A gust of wind tries to knock you off balance, but it cannot. Breathe deeply, feeling yourself steady and strong, able to withstand all that might try to destabilize you.

When you’re ready, open your eyes, and step off of your imaginary pillar. You’ve got this.


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